6 Tips To Help You Connect With Your Readers

Today’s post is inspired by a favorite Blogger of mine, John Chow, from JohnChow.com. If you are not familiar with the name, you definitely need to be! John has a huge presence on the web and has created a top blog that has not only earned him a ton of money,  but  a massive loyal following.  His connection with his readers is so strong that he can tweet what he is having for lunch and his fans will actually show up and buy it for  him!

I subscribe to John’s feeds and regularly read his posts for informative tips on blogging, Internet marketing, making money online, even technical reviews. This week he had a great post on How To Connect Emotionally with Your Readers.  There he laid out the steps to perfecting & personalizing your blog to make it stand out from the crowd.  I’ve put my take on his points below, but be sure to check out John’s blog too.

  1. State Your Name – This made me think…Did I have my name on my blog or did everyone just know me as that marketing chick? How incredibly rude of me! What would you think if someone you had never met came up and just started having a conversation with you? Eventually, you would be like “hey, what was your name again?” I was also guilty of never changing my user name from Admin to Coree. That’s fixed now, so… Hi there everyone!  It’s me, Coree! Nice to meet you, finally! (At least I’m honest.)
  2. Show Your Face – What’s that saying? A picture is worth a thousand words? It’s always nice to put a face to the voice, or in this case, to the writing. As a woman, I know we sometimes feel a little insecure about having our picture out there because we don’t like how we look or even worse, for fear of attracting some cyber-stalker. I think it’s pretty safe. I want people to see I am an average chick, and the chances of some freak picking me out of the world wide web to stalk are pretty slim. Say cheese & start building a visual connection!
  3. Tell Your Story – One of the hardest things for me to do when I began my blog was to write the About page. As a matter of fact I didn’t even have an About page until I read on several blogs that, other than your Home page, it is the most visited post on your blog! It’s where your readers can get to know you a little better and possibly connect to who you are.
  4. Interact with Your Readers – In today’s blogosphere readers do a lot of scanning to get through so many posts. If you are fortunate enough to have readers that take the time to read and then comment on your blog, show the appreciation and reach out to connect with them. Reply to comments, answer questions, and laugh at their jokes. It creates a nice relationship and quite possibly a reader for life.
  5. Offer Multiple Ways To Connect – All of us have our favorite social networking sites. Of course, the big craze right now is Twitter. Let your readers know where else to find you. The more ways you can connect with them the more entangled you are together and the more you learn about each other on different levels. I have all my networks posted in a widget that I picked up from BlogCatalog. There are many ways to display your networks, the big thing is just make sure they are displayed and easy to find!
  6. Create a Strong Brand – This is critical in the lifeline of a Blogger. Your brand is who you are and what you’re about. Think about the key ideas you would want people to associate with you. Where does your expertise lie? Your job is to create the perception that you are an authority or at least have a big voice in your area of expertise. What makes your reader remember you? What is your style? It’s not so much about what you say in the case of style…it’s more about HOW you say it. Be yourself and let things flow. Let your personality and your sense of humor shine through. This is your stage, be entertaining.

Which of these points did you resonate with most and find most useful?


  1. Dennis Edell says

    Although I don’t consider myself a fan of John’s for reasons I have, these are some excellent tips. I think you put a better spin on them though. 😉

    Dennis Edell’s last blog post..Understanding The New Rules Of SEO

    • Coree says

      Hehe…I almost put something in the post about the controversy over John’s money making exploits. One this for sure, when you go to his site you are hit with plenty of advertising! I like to read his feed to just get the meat of the post.

    • Coree says

      @Adalynn: Thanks, I’m glad you were able to get something out of it! Hope to see you come back often!! :)

  2. Dennis Edell says

    I was subscribed for about a month. It was a vegetarians delight so I left. 😉

    Dennis Edell’s last blog post..Understanding The New Rules Of SEO


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