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Small Business Tips: Online vs Offline Printing

Online printing is fast becoming the most common way for marketers and others to get their printing jobs done. If you are reading this blog you are probably much like me, in the sense that, I like the convenience of doing as much as possible online.  And why not?  Online printing is very easy and convenient since all the decisions and transactions take place at the comfort of your computer, whether at the office or at home.

As a small business owner, you can get bogged down in all the day to day responsibilities to keep your business running.  If there are shortcuts and time savers a business owner likes to know about them.  By using online printing it’s another way to help you manage your time, so you can focus on what’s important…your business.

When you choose to place an order through an online printing company you’ll find less of a decision making process. You can usually browse through templates which are great helpers if you’re not sure what you want your project to look like. It takes less time when they offer quick decision templates that you can use.

There are a few options out there, but there’s one service I’d recommend looking into first for your printing needs.  Psprint is the leading printing company that offers printing services for business cards, stickers, custom postcard printing, custom greeting cards, posters, and much more. Based in Oakland, CA, they are the heavyweights of the online printing world.

What I liked about using PSprint is the how straightforward the process is:  simply choose a product, place your order, upload your files, preview and approve. They also offer mailing services to give you the marketing solutions you need for a successful promotional mailing.   Psprint is an online store which gives you great value, great services and great products at extremely low prices…and we all like saving money!!

Share your thoughts and experiences on using online vs offline printers.  Which do you favor?

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2 Responses to “Small Business Tips: Online vs Offline Printing”

  1. Jim Gaudet@Costa Rica Web Design says:

    Well, for me I have never needed to print that much. But I do try and run a paperless office. No fax machines!

  2. Emily Brackett says:

    I just recently was introduced to your blog and am catching up on posts. I actually wrote a 4-part blog series on this very topic:

    Basically, I also like the convenience and costs of online printing, but you can get stuck with not many choices of paper or of sizes.