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36 Twitter Resources: Advanced Twitter Search for Business

Whether you decide to engage in social networking as a marketing strategy or not, Twitter has become a powerful tool to search and monitor your brand, your competitors, and for lead generation.  Beyond the basic search on the Twitter home page you can use advanced search techniques to produce targeted information not easily found in a normal Google search.

Want to know who’s talking about buying a new TV in Seattle?  How about people discussing the terrible customer service they received from one of your competitors?  Are you a journalist that needs case studies to report on?  Whatever you’re looking for, chances are you can find the answer in real time and target that information for whatever area  you like.

Below I’ve put together some of the best resources on using Twitter as a powerful tool to build and monitor your business:

Twitter Tools To Have On Hand

  • 1. Mozilla Firefox Plugin for Twitter
  • 2. Greasemonkey Script for Twitter Search in Sidebar
  • 3. Twitter Search Operators

Articles for Improving Twitter Search Skills

  • 4. 7 “Secret” Ways to Use Twitter Search – Twitip
  • 5. HOW TO: Use Twitter’s Advanced Search Features – Mashable
  • 6. Using Twitter Search for Business – Chris Brogan
  • 7. 15 Fascinating Ways to Track Twitter Trends – Mashable
  • 8. Generating Quality Marketing Leads With Google Alerts and Twitter – Adam Green, “Mr. Google Alerts”
  • 9. How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business – Copyblogger
  • 10. Using Twitter Search to Boost Local Business – Mediafunnel
  • 11. Twitter Tips: How to Search Twitter Smarter –
  • 12. Take Advantage of Twitter Search Operators – Web Worker Daily
  • 13. It’s Time to Start Thinking of Twitter as a Search Engine – TechCrunch
  • 14. How To Use Twitter for Customer Service - Sitepoint

Twitter Research and Monitoring Tools

  • 15. TwitterGradr – Hubspot’s tool for finding “elite” Tweeters based on location and influence.
  • 16. Monitter – Lets you “monitter” the Twitter world for a set of keywords and watch what people are saying in a grid layout.
  • 17. TweetStats – Graphs out Twitter habits based on how often, what time of day, and @ replies for you or any user.
  • 18. TweetBeep – Great for online reputation management, catching all your @replies and @mentions, finding job/networking opportunities.
  • 19. Twitscoop – Full feature Twitter web client with search, trends, and real time buzz.
  • 2. What The Hashtag -The user-editable encyclopedia for hashtags found on Twitter, allows print outs of hashtag transcriptions, Greasemonkey script adds, and Firefox add on.  Track popular and trending hashtags.
  • 21. – Tracks the frequency that a hashtag is used on Twitter and provides details about the hashtag

Twitter Directories

  • 22. WeFollow
  • 23. Twellow
  • 24. TwitterCounter
  • 25. TwitterHolic
  • 26. Twibs – Directory of businesses on Twitter
  • 27. Just Tweet It
  • 28. Tracking Twitter – A real-time listing of the top media, entertainment, and consumer product feeds on Twitter.

Geolocation Twitter Tools

  • 29. GeoFollow – Large location based Twitter Directory, find and follow by city, state, zip or tags.
  • 30. Trendsmap – Real-time mapping of Twitter trends across the world.
  • 31. LocaFollow – Search by location & follow (allows bulk follow) LocaFollowis powered by Google so  results are shown in the same order that Google shows it. Those Twitter pages that are better SEO optimized will appear on the top.
  • 32. TPS – the Tweet Positioning System, is a geo-location filter for conversations and mentions on Twitter.
  • 33. GeoTwitTrends – Shows real-time trending topics happening in specific places.
  • 34. GeoChirp – Set the location and then search for tweets based on keywords.  All results from that location would be displayed.
  • 35. Twittori – Allows you to follow places in a similar way than you are used to following users on Twitter as well as attach your tweets to a specific location.
  • 36. TweetMondo - Shows Twitter users that have either registered in or were crawled by their crawler and filtered by location.

Twitter’s advanced search is a business owner’s best friend if you just take the time to use it.  Be sure to bookmark this post for future reference to come back to!

What did I miss?  Do you have a Twitter search tip or resource to add to the list?  Share below in the comments.

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