Are You Marketing For Real Or For Lottery Money?

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Blogworld had some great panels, but by far, I can tell you that there were two strategies that will make all the difference. Both are about taking action and relying on yourself, not small change that will make you just enough to buy a lottery ticket and “really make it big”.

How To Painlessly Import Your Feedburner Subscribers To Aweber


If you’re looking for a way to send out your own customized emails to YOUR subscribers, you need to have an auto-responder set up. Building your list early is important, but even more important is having control and ownership of your list.

Can Switching From Feedburner Bring You Fortune And Fame?

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Without argue, one of the most important steps you must take as an Internet marketer is to build your list of email subscribers. If you’re using Feedburner for your email subscribers you are missing out on a fortune and the opportunity to build your relationship with your subscribers!

Hot Tips to Build a Large Mailing List


How’s your list-building going? You hear about it all the time “You’ve got to have a list…” but there’s a big difference between having a list and having a profitable list.

10 Blog Traffic Tips


Here are the top 10 techniques new bloggers can use to find readers. These are tips specifically for new bloggers, those people who have next-to-no audience at the moment and want to get the ball rolling.

4 Female Traits That Build Rock Solid Marketing Confidence


So, why should a women find confidence in this new marketing trend? Because women, in general, love to build relationships and help others. Your blog allows you to be yourself, listen to your readers, nurture relationships and build rapport.