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Twitter Proof – Staying Safe On Social Networks

You’re on Twitter and you love it.  You’ve made hundreds if not thousands of Twitter friends that are so fun and helpful.  You share all sorts of things about yourself with your friends, from what you’re cooking for dinner, your birthday, kids birthdays, where you’re going for lunch, to business information like your email, phone number, and Skype name.

You don’t think twice about sharing this information because you’re comfortable online with your friends.  But what about those that aren’t your friends?  All that information you’re sharing is now on  the world wide web for anyone to see…forever.

Don’t think anyone’s checking?  Ask Lynn Terry about publishing your address.  She thought she was safe too until one day when she was surprised to have an unexpected guest show up at her back door!

We’re taught that social networking is about sharing but how do you keep yourself safe from lurkers, spammers and generally not-so-nice people?

Here are a few tips to keep you safe on sites like Twitter, Facebook and other social networks:

1.  Be Careful What You Provide In Your Profiles

When filling out your social profiles, take account of who you really want to make this information available to.  If it’s not the whole world, then don’t advertise it publicly on your profile.  Supplying your email address may increase the amount of spam you receive. Supplying your phone number could result in unsolicited sales calls, or worse.

If you have a home office, PLEASE do not post your home address anywhere online as your business address. Invest the few bucks in a PO Box rental. When I sent out my first Aweber email I realized that my home address had appeared at the bottom of my newsletter and I freaked out just a bit.  I hadn’t meant for that to show up, so be careful to check what information will show before you send any automated broadcasts out.

2.  You Don’t Have To Divulge Every Detail In Your Updates

Some people love to tell others their every move.  Want to know where John Chow is having lunch at noon?  Check his Twitter stream.  While that may be great for a big guy like John to get a free lunch from a fan…how would a single woman feel to have some creepy guy show up offering her a free something because he saw on her Twitter stream where she’s going to be at noon?  Just sayin… Use wisdom.

Also, remember that the more private information you share about yourself the more chances you are giving hackers to crack your passwords.  If you tend to use your kid’s birthdays, pet’s name, mom’s maiden name, etc., you might want to think twice about sharing any of that.

My best tip?  Use Roboform to autogenerate and remember your passwords.  It comes up with some random number/character passwords that are tough to crack. You should change your Twitter password every so often just to be safe.  And, Roboform is handy tool to keep track of all your millions of passwords and logins. I couldn’t live without it!

3.  Use DM (Direct Messages) or Private Email For Sharing

If you need to give your email to someone, even if it’s a few people, consider sending that through a few DM’s on Twitter rather than just throwing your full email out on the main Twitter stream for anyone to grab.  Whenever I see someone putting their email in a Tweet I cringe.  It’s like asking for your spam filter to work overtime.  Same goes for phone numbers…if you’re giving out your Customer Service number on Twitter that’s one thing, but sharing your cell or home number is just crazy.

4.  Don’t Trust Every Link

With only 140 characters allowed, we are all using URL shorteners to make for more room in our updates. But, some unscrupulous people out there are using shorteners to throw spammy links or even viruses out there.  Be careful what you click on to avoid viruses or phishing scams.  Hootsuite will actually show you the full url and snapshot of the shortened URL before you click on it.  Or you can use an app like Long URL Please to tell you where the shortened link goes to before clicking.

5. Don’t Trust Every Brand

Just because you see a logo you recognize it doesn’t mean the user is associated in any way to the brand.  Twitter has made it possible for anyone to grab a user name, throw up a logo or a familiar picture and look like the real deal.  Do a bit of checking before you start trusting.  Check the URL they link to in their profile for legitimacy. Check to see if the real brand’s website has another Twitter/Facebook profile they advertise on their site directly.  Do they match?  Use your super sleuth skills to hunt and protect yourself.

In general, just think twice about what your sharing.  Treat the Internet like a novel rather than a journal.  Keep your journal private and for the eyes of those you trust only.  Once you publish something online it’s available to other people and all the search engines. You may try to remove a page(s) from the Internet, but someone could have already seen it.  With recent Twitter phishing attacks we should be realizing how important it is to stay safe online.

Have you ever been victim of a phishing scam that you believe began from a social network site?  Have you ever had a strange encounter after sharing personal information online with those you trusted?  Please share with us what your experience has been and any other tips you have for staying safe on social networks in the comments below.

To Your Success,

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Social Media and Community Management Job Board

Some of you may have already noticed the job board widget in the sidebar, but did you know when you click on one of those job postings that it will open up and take you to a full blown list of over 100 Social Media and Community Management job openings?

With social media awareness growing in leaps and bounds and businesses realizing they need help managing their new social media influx, the online community management role is becoming more and more necessary.

Since my readers are divided between entrepreneurs, small business owners, and brands seeking social media tips, I try to keep in mind each perspective. have had several people ask me how to begin a career in social media and where they might go to find a company that’s hiring.

My solution is to offer a job board where social media job seekers can find new openings, and businesses can place their job openings knowing they are reaching their target market.

Find A Job In Social Media or Community Management

Some of the sample job openings you can find on my new job board are below:

Online Community Manager @ Network Communications, Inc., Lawrenceville, GA

NCI is expanding its on-line product reach and is recruiting for Online Community Managers. This position will be responsible for the day-to-day communication with our customers through phone, email and social media. It will create, monitor and edit content for their blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts; manage and support their billing and technical issues and be responsible for the satisfactory resolution of their concerns.

Social Media Manager @ Rackspace Email and Apps, Blacksburg, VA

Do you Tweet and use Facebook every day, all day? Is building social community so ingrained you just can’t stop? Do you take pride in customer service excellence and fancy yourself to be an entrepreneur?  If you answered Yes to all the questions above then this position might be perfect for you. We are looking for a Social Media Community Manager–someone to stay connected and engaged with the Rackspace Email & Apps community, which means our customers, potential customers, fans, and those that have an interest in what we’re doing as a company.

Social Media Specialist @ MGM Mirage, Las Vegas, NV

Responsible for leading research, strategy and implementation of emerging forms of digital media and paid social media inclusion. (YouTube, Facebook, etc); Train leadership with techniques and share best practices to more effectively engage larger share of audience on sites including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Digg, etc. …

Brand Campaign Manager – Social Media @ Symantec, San Francisco, CA

The Brand Campaign Manager, Social Media will manage our Norton Advocates program. This is a loyalty program in which advocates write reviews and assist in solving other customers’ problems. This person will also manage the social media “customer care” program. This program monitors all social media properties including forums, blogs and Twitter. We then identify customers in need and reach out to…

Conversation Manager – Social Media @ Media Logic, Albany, NY

Do you love writing blog posts, tweeting and Facebook? Do you love finding new friends and colleagues online who share your interests? Are you naturally curious? Do you have professional experience in public relations, community relations or marketing? Then you might be the perfect addition to our team of Conversation Managers. We’re looking to expand our team of social media professionals.

Post Your Job Listing

  • Reach your social media target market by advertising your job on the Market Like A Chick job board.
  • Reach millions of passive job seekers

Posting a job here will reach all of the visitors to Market Like A Chick. In addition, this job will be posted to a number of other websites who have a very similar audience to Market Like A Chick. This helps ensure your job is exposed to a larger, but still incredibly targeted audience.

To kick things off the rates will be astronomically low, but only until the end of January! Use discount code: JAN10 to post your job listing for only $30 for 60 day listing.  (That’s a $69 savings!!)

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to advertise your job openings this is your chance.  Don’t waste your time advertising on Craigslist where you will be spammed by people with no experience, no training, and no social media background.  Don’t pay huge dollars to advertise on CareerBuilder or Monster and be bombarded with thousands of resumes that of job seekers just looking for any type of work.

Target the right market for $30 for a 60 day listing by using code JAN10. This code expires on January 31st and prices will go to $99/60 days.

I hope this new resource is found to be useful for everyone. You’ll see some aesthetic improvements soon.  Jobs are updated daily and monitored for only real social media job openings. If you see anything that may seem out of place or that looks like spam, please flag and let me know.  It will be removed immediately.  THERE ARE NO MLM OPPORTUNITIES ALLOWED ON THIS JOB BOARD.

Will you find this a useful resource?  Do you know any businesses with social media job openings?  Let me know your thoughts below.  I appreciate hearing from you.

To Your Success,

P.S. ~> There are still advertising spots open on the right sidebar.  Choose from 2 different size banners or a text link.  Or if you would like to become a Featured Sponsor with all the bells and whistles (banner, featured blog post, tweets to my 22k followers, and text link), see my Advertising Opportunities for more info. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly: coree (at) marketlikeachick (dot) com.

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