How To Get The Most From Social Media Events

socialmedia intentions

Social media marketing events are happening all around us and with every one there are new opportunities waiting to be had. However, without setting your intentions before attending, your mind doesn’t know what to be on the look out for and you will miss golden opportunities right in front of you.

Women To Watch – Rebecca Orlov, Co-Founder of Blog Out Loud

Rebecca Orlov

Today’s Woman To Watch features the very busy and very talented female entrepreneur, Rebecca Orlov, Founder of Blog Out Loud. Rebecca understands social media and has helped brands build their communities online and off by teaching how to engage with blogging and events

Branding With Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach

A marketing or PR employee may ask, “why blogs?”, when I have an armory of tools like press releases, social media, and email, why do I need to add blogs to my arsenal? And, if they do add blogs, what cost factors are in involved and will it be worthwhile?

Use LinkedIn Introductions to Build and Engage Event Communities

LinkedIn RSVPs

One of the unique features of LinkedIn is the ability to introduce your contacts to one another by forwarding profiles. This comes in very handy when you are organizing events to create conversation and, quite possibly, increase attendance.

Ban Twitter: How To Stop Free Speech At Conferences


When should Twitter be banned at conferences? That’s like asking when does your right to free speech stop. There seems to be some controversy over whether Twitter use is appropriate at live events and conferences with strong stances from both sides of the camp.

Live Tweets at Events – Tool or Distraction?


When you attend live events, do you use Twitter to send out updates to your followers? I do and they love it. I usually add a few followers because they know I will give them valuable information from the event.