How To Get The Most From Social Media Events

socialmedia intentions

Social media marketing events are happening all around us and with every one there are new opportunities waiting to be had. However, without setting your intentions before attending, your mind doesn’t know what to be on the look out for and you will miss golden opportunities right in front of you.

The Power Of The Ask – 6 Strategies To Increase Your Business

power of asking

If you are not moving closer to what you want, you probably aren’t doing enough asking. The world responds to those who ask. Here are seven asking strategies you can implement in your marketing (and in life) to boost your results:

Passion In Marketing – 10 Tips Kreesha Turner Can Teach You


Everyone is passionate about something. Without a passion for your business or niche your marketing plan just becomes another j-o-b. Here are 10 tips Kreesha Turner’s lyrics may inspire you to put more passion in your marketing…

Decide, Design, Declare and Do – 4 Steps to Tangible Marketing Results


Whether you are a small business owner, a solopreneur, or a large corporation, we all want to see one thing: Tangible Results. The kind of results that fill our purses, wallets and bank accounts. This article is not meant to oversimplify a marketing strategy, but to give you 4 steps that will serve as the very core of any successful plan.

Free Download of Intentional Meditation Worksheet


We all have limited time available to us in any given day and the best usage of that time is easily squandered away if we do not have clear intentions. By committing to form the habit of intentional meditation and visualizing our desired outcomes we are paving new paths in our mindset that will become easier to follow with each day.