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Persistence Pays – 4 Easy Tricks To Teach Yourself Self Discipline

Why is it so darn easy to say you’re going to do something and then so difficult to follow through and actually make it happen? The key is to cultivate self-discipline and persistence however, that’s sometimes easier said than done, right?

Here are a few tips to become self-disciplined and persistent – tips to make things happen in your life!

#1 – Eliminate, or at least set aside, emotion.

Self-discipline is the ability to move forward and to take action regardless of how you feel. Let’s say you decide you want to lose weight. When you make that decision, you’re probably feeling pretty motivated and confident. You probably went so far as to formulate a plan to make it happen.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, you decide you’re going to get up every day and exercise for 30 minutes as part of your weight loss plan. That may go along just great for a couple days until one morning you wake up and,  for one reason or another, you’re not feeling so uber-motivated or even slightly positive about the thought of moving your aching butt out of that bed.

It happens to all of us and it’s completely understandable. The difference between the person with self-discipline and those without is that the person without will let their emotions affect their decisions and actions. Instead of getting up and exercising, they’ll stay in bed.

To cultivate self-discipline and persistence, set those emotions aside. Recognize them, accept them, and then move them aside and don’t let them get in the way of your goals.

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race” – Calvin Coolidge

#2  – Cultivate an appreciation and a pattern of success

It’s always easier to persevere if you’re accustomed to succeeding.  This is because your brain sets in motion certain peptides that become hardwired for success and you create habits. You are in charge of your habits of success or habits of failure.  It’s your CHOICE.

To become accustomed to succeeding, start setting little goals each day and week. Sticking with the weight loss example, because it’s so accessible, if you set a goal to lose 100 pounds that goal will seem huge and unattainable.

However, if you set a goal to lose 3 pounds, then that’s a more attainable goal. You’ll accomplish it and feel great about yourself. The next step, would to then set another attainable goal and to continue the process thus developing a pattern of success. However, even if your long-term goal is to lose weight, it’s good to cultivate this skill in all areas of your life.

Set goals for productivity, financial matters, personal habits and relationships, any area of your life where you would benefit from a pattern of success, willpower and persistence.

#3 – Make small changes

In line with setting attainable goals and developing a pattern of success, make small changes in your life towards a larger goal. For example, if you want to lose weight then one habit to change might be to drink more water. So you might want to drink one glass of water with every meal and snack.This is a small change but it makes a big difference in your life. It may offer some challenges but they’re certainly challenges you can manage, thus developing your persistence and will power with smaller, and meaningful steps.

If you’re not sure what changes to make to get started you might consider following the footsteps of a trusted mentor.  It’s always easier to have a template to follow.  It’s also a subconscious way of convincing yourself that success is possible because someone else has accomplished the goal.  Your brain uses it to eliminate the “impossibility factor”.    Remember to follow a leader.  We all know how to fail in want to follow a proven success.

#4 – Reward yourself for your accomplishments

Celebrating your successes is a great way to help you stay positive and persistent toward achieving your goals. Self-discipline and persistence aren’t something we’re all born with but it is something you can develop.  Reward yourself by buying that new laptop you’ve been drooling over or just take a day to relax and soak in the feeling of no work and all play.

What ways have you found to  keep yourself disciplined and persistent?  Have you had success in achieving a long or short term goal? Please share your  comments below.

To Your Success,

March 15, 2010   7 Comments

The Power Of The Ask – 6 Strategies To Increase Your Business

A very fundamental belief we have all heard is, “Ask and you shall receive.”  As a parent teaching my children about manners one of my most used phrases was “Use your words”.  It was my goal to teach them to get beyond the whining and crying for something they needed and to begin using their words to ask for it.

Yet, somehow as adults we seem to have lost our ability to ask and some are still stuck in that whining stage when the things they want don’t come to them. We come up with all sorts of excuses and reasons NOT to ask to avoid any possibility of rejection.

If you are not moving closer to what you want, you probably aren’t doing enough asking. The world responds to those who ask. Here are six asking strategies you can implement in your marketing (and in life) to boost your results:

1. Ask for More Information

To land new clients, subscribers or sponsors you first need to know what their current business challenges are, what their desired outcome is and how they’re planning on accomplishing it. You build your solutions based on their needs  and demonstrate you your unique product or service can help them achieve their goals

Ask open-ended questions (who, why, what, where, when and how) to have your client explain to you what they are seeking in their own words rather than giving yes or no answers. Once you truly understand and appreciate a prospect’s needs you can then offer a needs based solution.

2. Ask for Business

Many Marketers and Salespeople will spend hours creating a beautiful and informative presentation then leave out the most important part – the request for business!  Don’t depend on images and fancy websites to do your selling for you.  You must add a call to action to your presentation.  Use your words.  Ask.

Always ask a closing question to secure the business. Don’t be afraid to ask or waffle around it.  Your potential clients are expecting you to ask for their business so, don’t let them down…or worse, wait for your them to ask you!

3. Ask for Recommendations

Well-written testimonials from respected people are powerful for future sales. They confirm the quality of your product or service and leverage you as a person who has integrity, is trustworthy and gets the job done on time.

The best time to ask is right after you have provided excellent service, gone the extra mile to help out, or have really made your client happy.

LinkedIn works great when asking for referrals.  You can either simply ask if your contact would be willing to give you a testimonial about the value of your product or service…or, usually, if you recommend someone that you respect and have done business with they will return the favor.

4. Ask for Referrals

Just about everyone in business knows the importance of referrals and word of mouth marketing. It’s the easiest, least expensive way of ensuring your growth and success in the marketplace. The business world is very much a “who you know” market, but social media has made it much easier to get to know top influencers.  Increase your ROI by borrowing influence and asking for a referral.

Your core clients will gladly give you referrals because you treat them so well.  Make it a habit to ask for referrals after every sale. It’s a habit that will dramatically increase your income. Like any other habit, the more you do it the easier it becomes.

5. Ask for More Business

Look for other products or services you can provide your customers. Every good sales person knows that it’s much easier to sell an existing client than it is to go searching for new ones.  This is why it’s important to start creating an email list early on in your business development.

If you sell a product, think about creating  a system that tells you when your clients will require more of your products.  If you sell a service, be prepared for the next level of your client’s education by continuing to offer more in depth and advanced training.

6. Ask for Feedback

How do you really know if your product or service is meeting your customers’ needs? Ask them, “How are we doing? What can we do to improve our service to you? Please share what you like or don’t like about our products.” Set up regular customer surveys that ask good questions and tough questions. It’s a powerful way to fine-tune your business.

Please leave me YOUR feedback, below in the comments.  I try to provide my readers with information they will find useful.  How am I doing?  Is there any area you would like to hear more about?  Less?  Where are your business challenges?  I love (and need) to hear from you!

To Your Success,

February 1, 2010   19 Comments

Passion In Marketing – 10 Tips Kreesha Turner Can Teach You

Everyone is passionate about something.  Without a passion for your business or niche your marketing plan just becomes another j-o-b.  You need passion in your personal life – being married more than 20 years, I’m reminded that sometimes a smoldering passion is just as important as love-at-first-sight passion – and you need passion in your professional life as well.

Guest Post by Sharon Mostyn

Our teenage daughter put Kreesha Turner’s song, Passion, on my iPod (I’m hoping she likes it because the song’s use of whistle, horns, and drum line reminds her of marching band halftime shows from high school football games and not for any other reason!) Ms. Turner’s lyrics have inspired my New Year’s resolution to be more passionate in my professional life in 2010. Writing this (my first) guest blog post is how I’m beginning to keep that resolution.

You can listen to Passion on Kreesha’s Myspace profile here

Here are 10 tips Kreesha Turner’s lyrics may inspire you to put more passion in your marketing:

1)           “I’ve got a passion that’s burning to win.”You need to start with something that you’re passionate about. If you’re not passionate about your job, your company, or your product, you’re not going to have the desire to win that you need to succeed.

2)           “If you plan to come and claim it, hope you called all your friends” because your company’s friends/fans/followers can become your biggest brand advocates. Let their testimonials be part of your marketing strategy.

3)           “You’ve got a long road ahead full of trouble” but don’t let it get you down. No matter how passionate you are about your marketing, you’re going to have problems that need to be overcome because your competitors are working just as hard as you are.

4)          I done come too far to get here and lose, and I done paid a million something dollars in dues” acknowledges struggles with results that are not as great as you hoped. Use your money wisely by always testing and use what you’ve learned from your initial tests to develop more tests and refine your marketing strategy.

5)           “I’ve got passion and it’s deeper than yours, passion, and I’m-a use it to score” speaks to the fact that if all other things are equal (price, promotion, features, etc.) your marketing strategy must be better than your competitors in order to score with, and ultimately win over, the customer.

6)           “My determination keeps me patient & strong.” Although it may seem contrary to Chris Brogan’s recent post, you can’t give up because of a few bumps in the road. Be patient with your long-term strategy, even if your test results show that you need some short-term modifications.

7)           “Forty hours countin’ dollars ain’t been suitin’ too well” suggests that if 9-to-5 isn’t working for you then be creative on when and where to get your inspiration, even if it means working somewhere or sometime other than the ordinary.

8)           “See that I’ve got the heart to make my dreams come to life.” Marketing is not easy. You’ve got to have determination and tenacity to make it work.

9)           “Ain’t no slackin’, no distractions, got no time to lose.” You need to take the initiative and get started now, don’t let anything distract you from your marketing goals.

10)      “Victory is mine so let the trumpets blow.” When you have a marketing success, blow your horn! Sharing the story of your success helps keep you passionate in future marketing endeavors.

I’m going to use Kreesha Turner’s Passion as my 2010 theme song to make myself a better marketer. Are you passionate? What’s your theme song? Please leave a comment below to let me know.

Sharon Mostyn is a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional and author of her own blog where she writes about Motherhood, Marketing, and Medical Mayhem.

January 6, 2010   14 Comments

The Peter Pan Guide To Setting New Year’s Resolutions

Do you start every new year with a list of resolutions?  How’s that been working out for ya?  Do you dread making resolutions because of the guilt you’ve held onto from past years where you’ve abandoned those goals?  It’s time to break free of that nonsense and begin to dream again.

Some of you know that I am a Peter Pan fanatic.  There are great lessons to be learned from Peter Pan’s life of adventure that can teach us the power of imagination.  You can start your new year with goals, but it’s much better to have dreams.  Peter believed in dreams and he showed us how to attain them if we look past the cute story and listen.

Here are two powerful lessons to take away from Peter’s story:

Refuse to Grow Up

As children our imaginations can see us doing the impossible because we have not been taught that it IS impossible.  Our innocence allows us to dream of being a beautiful ballerina, a superhero that can fly, or the worlds most talented singer adored by millions.  We don’t stop to let logic sink our dreams.  Peter Pan wasn’t saying he didn’t want to get old, he was saying he refused to let anyone tell him his dreams were impossible.

He was able to produce tangible, touchable, and edible results using his imagination.  One of my favorite scenes from the movie “Hook” was when all the Lost Boys were sitting around the dinner table enjoying their “imaginary” meal.  Peter had forgotten who he was and he sat in despair as he watched the boys devour their meals that he could not see.  It wasn’t until the boys started a food fight that he traded his logic in for the playfulness of a child and then miraculously saw the food appear before his eyes.

Your dreams are the beginning of all ideas, plans and goals that you set for your life.  Imagine if you were never given the mind to dream of new opportunities, new blessings, or exciting adventures.  What a pitiful existence we would have without our imagination.  Yet, so many people have stopped using their imagination to see themselves in their dream life.

We have gotten so caught up in setting the goals, the resolutions and the action plans that we forget to take the time to enjoy the dream of actually living that success.

Think Happy Thoughts

Peter believed all he need to fly was a little pixie dust and some happy thoughts.  He was able to teach Wendy and her brothers how to fly by using his technique.  Peter used his imagination to bring his friend Tinkerbell back to life after drinking the deadly poison intended for him.  “I do believe in fairies.  I do believe in fairies” he chanted as he saw his little pixie friend come back to life.  Ahhh, the power of imagination and affirmations…

Think back to why you set your goals.  Be careful not to attach negative feelings to the goals. If your goal was to lose weight don’t make your why “because I’m too fat”.  Instead, make a list of feel good why’s (happy thoughts).  For instance, if your goal is to lose weight your reasons why could be:

  • I love the way my clothes fit when I am thin
  • I have so much more energy when I am active and healthy
  • I immediately have more self confidence and feel more attractive when I start taking care of myself
  • I enjoy participating in life and never worrying about how my weight may stop me

These are all positive affirmations to surround your reasons why to set your goal to lose weight. What you’re doing is imagining the good feelings that come with your dream.  This way when you think of your goal you are not dreading the thought, but because you’ve associated good feelings with your goal it becomes something you look forward to.

We all like to feel good and our bodies are made to be attracted to that feeling.  We were created to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest.

You can use the Peter Pan technique on any area of your life.  Think of your feel good why’s then list them and spend time enjoying that good feeling of what it will be like to accomplish your dreams.

If your dream is to earn six figures in your business what would  your happy thoughts  look like?  What if your goal was to improve your relationships?  What other lessons can you pull from Peter’s story?

Become childlike in your dreams and aspirations. Believe you can fly. Believe you can perform your dance or song before millions of admirers. Treasure your dreams just as Peter did and have fun with them. Your imagination and your joy is what will take you to those new adventures.

To Your Success,

December 28, 2009   30 Comments

Turning Your Seeds of Potential Into Bumper Crops of Success

Have you ever noticed that good things always come to people who already have good things?  Success seems to chase some people and others seem to chase success.  How do you become the one that success chases? Whatever your field, wherever your dreams may lie, whomever you want to become…the seed to that success lies dormant within until you begin to nurture it.

Success is a Seed

I like to think of success as a seed. Every seed has it’s potential encapsuled within it’s own shell, if you will.  An acorn has everything it takes to become a strong oak tree in itself.  You’re not going to plant an acorn and have an avacado tree sprout from it.  That acorn knows what it is intended to be and it has all the dynamics of what it will take to become an oak tree, from the root system to the trunk, the bark, the leaves and the intricate vein system to nourish itself.  It is all self contained.

The Universe is filled with potential that is available to any and all that are willing to take hold of it.  Once you grasp the potential seed and start to focus and give thought to it, it will begin to grow.

Sprouts of Success

I remember showing my kids how to sprout seeds from a wet paper towel.  We placed the seeds on a damp paper towel and put it up on the top shelf of a kitchen cupboard.  The kids would go back and want to check it a couple times a day to see if anything was happening at first.  Then after a few days they forgot about it.  Over the next week or two I continued to make sure the towel was damp by adding a few drops of water to it and placing it back in the dark.  Did I ever doubt that those seeds would sprout?  Absolutely not, because I have done this so many times I knew what to expect…all I had to do was nourish them a bit and wait.

A couple weeks later I called the kids into the kitchen, holding the folded paper towel in my hand.  I could see on their faces that they had forgotten all about the little experiment and watched their curiosity spark back up as soon as they realized I was about to show them something.  I unfolded the towel slowly and, sure enough, the seeds had sprouted little white roots and had even started producing tiny little leaves on a couple.  The kids were thrilled and it gave me a great opportunity to teach them about sowing and reaping.

Law of Sowing and Reaping

You see, once we decided to take the seeds and DO SOMETHING with them the outcome was set in motion.  Those tiny seeds knew what they had to do and all they needed was a little nourishment.  It didn’t matter that we went about our days forgetting all about them because they had everything programmed inside them to do exactly what they were meant to do. I knew they would sprout, but it didn’t matter if I believed it or not because it’s a Universal law that a seed will produce of it’s own kind.  A law is a law.  If I drop a rock the law of gravity is going to make it fall.

So it is with the seeds of potential within you and me.  They are there waiting to be nourished and have everything it takes to produce a full and complete product of itself.  Decide what it is that you want to produce and nourish that seed by giving it thought and attention.  The more thought you put into it the more it will begin to encompass your mind…it’s all you will begin to think about.  If you decide to plant the seed of becoming an Event Planner, you will start seeing stories and opportunities pop up around you wherever you look.  That’s the law of attraction at work providing your seed the nourishment it needs to grow.

Producing Bumper Crops

When an opportunity presents itself, don’t hesitate.  Take action and seize the moment.  Be decisive and be confident.  That seed of potential you are growing knows exactly what it’s going to need to successfully produce a harvest.  You don’t need to stress out over whether you’re good enough or know enough.  Just plant the seed and continue to seize opportunities as they present themselves, because they WILL.  It’s just your job to ACT on them.

With every action your seed will grow and will eventually mature to produce the fruit you’ve been waiting for. What happens then?  Your seed produces more seed! Can you see where this is going?  Apply the same principals again and again to come up with bumper crops of success in whatever field you decide upon.

The key is to decide, focus and act.  Then let nature take it’s course.  You have the potential to become whatever you decide.  Have you decided yet?

I’d love to hear from you.  Have you seen this in action in your life?  Do you think it’s a bunch of malarkey? Leave your comments below.

To Your Success,

December 14, 2009   15 Comments

Decide, Design, Declare and Do – 4 Steps to Tangible Marketing Results

Whether you are a small business owner, a solopreneur, or a large corporation, we all want to see one thing: Tangible Results.  The kind of results that fill our purses, wallets and bank accounts.  This article is not meant to oversimplify a marketing strategy, but to give you 4 steps that will serve as the very core of any successful plan.

I believe one of the biggest hurdles anyone striving for success in their business has to get over is their own limiting beliefs.  Every tangible thing that exists at one point began with an intangible thought or perception.  If you are thinking I’m crazy right now, I ask you this:  “Before you cooked (or ordered) your dinner last night did you think about what you wanted to eat? Did you  smell the aroma or imagine the way it would taste to make your decision?”  Chances are that you did, because we tend to think in images.

Your marketing plan is not much different than making your dinner, it just takes a little habit forming actions to produce the results you are desiring.  Stay with me…  Follow this 4 step plan to see if I am not right.


Before you made your dinner you thought about what you were in the mood for and decided that having this would satisfy your hunger and bring you the pleasure of enjoying a delicious meal.  You knew what you wanted because you thought about it, imagined it, and decided that’s what you would have.

You want your business to thrive.  You know that much.  But, have you taken the time to really think about SPECIFICALLY what your business goals are?  Do you know how much revenue you would like to see per month?  Do you know what you want out of your social media marketing plan, or are you just making noise on Twitter? Can you see your service proposals being accepted and work being performed?  Do you even know what services you want to offer??

Decide what you want from your business.  See it in your mind’s eye and stake your claim on it from within.  A wish is different than a decision.  DECIDE with purpose.


Once you decided what you wanted for dinner you had to do some reasoning and preparation.  Did you have the ingredients necessary to prepare your delectables? Did you plan enough time to prepare the dish and have the required utensils?  You had to design or plan your dinner in order for it to be prepared.  Even with the simplest of meals, you still subconciously weigh the options out.

How much thought have you put into your marketing strategy?  If you’re using social media, have you spent the time creating your perfect mini-bio, designing your blog or profile background?  Have you thought about how you will find followers in your target market?  How, when or whom to engage with?  How to monitor your ROI?    Without a design for getting you from point A to point B, you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed in the sea of social media do-this and do-thatters.   Design your plan, plan your design.  Know where you’re going and how you will get there by sitting down and designing a plan of action.


Once you decided what you wanted for dinner and designed the process for preparing it you told yourself, “I’m going to have ____ for dinner”.  A simple part of the process that is overlooked is the declaration of what we expect.  You decided and then declared this is what it was going to be.  Period…and you had full intention of seeing it out to completion.

In your business your declaration is a reminder of all you stand for, all you are hoping for, and sets the stage for you expectations to become tangible.  If you get the decision and design done then get wishy-washy about your declaration then you are back to square one.  You have not decided.  Say what you want.  Declare it as yours NOW because you are fully expecting this to be reality.  Decide and declare a thing and it will be yours eventually if you do not let go of it.  Call it faith, call it the Law of Attraction, call it the power of your words.  Call it what you want, but it works.  Declare yourself a success.

Definition of a Declaration:  An explicit, formal announcement, either oral or written; assertion of belief or knowledge

4.  DO

The three prior steps accomplish little without any action.  Action without the three prior steps accomplishes little of value.  Massive action combined with Decision, Design, and Declaration will produce massive results.  If you had thought about your dinner but never got up off the couch (or picked up the phone), you could sit there until midnight and dinner is not going to make itself.

Your business is not going to make itself either. You are going to have to DO something.  You are going to have to implement the marketing strategies that you designed.  Declare them till you are blue in the face, but without action your going to see dismal results and come back to me and say this stuff doesn’t work.  In your designing process of your marketing plan be sure to calculate in the action steps that you will need to take, when youT will take them, how often you will evaluate them, and when to move on to the next one.

Begin hardwiring your brain to do the things you need to do by creating effective habits.  Use these four steps to guide yourself and remain on course.  It’s by no means exhaustive, but you will be creating core habits of success.

Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below.  I love hearing from you!

To Your Success,

P.S. ~> The winner of last week’s Google Wave Invite Top Commenter contest are Dennis Edell of Direct Sales Web Marketing. Dennis knows all about commenting and how beneficial blog commenting can be for all involved. As a matter of fact, HIS blog is where I came up with this idea!  Glad to send a Google Wave Invite your way, Dennis!  Thanks for your engagement on MLC.

December 7, 2009   18 Comments

Free Download of Intentional Meditation Worksheet

We all have limited time available to us in any given day and the best usage of that time is easily squandered away if we do not have clear intentions.  By committing to form the habit of intentional meditation and visualizing our desired outcomes we are paving new paths in our mindset that will become easier to follow with each day.

One of the most important actions and emotions we must implement is gratitude for every sign or manifestation towards the accomplishment of our goal.  Often times, those signs are overlooked and we lose confidence in our intentions because we are not seeing results to keep us inspired.

This format was created originally as a personal tool—simple in concept and format but powerful if used consistently—to help make sure that we know our intentions and track our results to remain in an attitude of gratitude and inspiration.

As promised, I have finally posted the worksheet template to help us track progress of our meditation and visualization commitment. As your gift you can receive your free printable template for the Intention & Manifestation Worksheet by subscribing below:

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Identify Prioritized Intentions:

Use the Priorities Worksheet to list current goals, emotions, and manifestations of your desired outcome as they come to you.. These can be personal goals, work goals, career goals, or a mix. To decide which are your top priorities, first list all of them and then decide where you want to focus most of your energy. Then choose where you would next focus if #1 were on track.

For each priority area, fill out the following:

  • Intention, Stated as a Desired Outcome. Be Specific! What is it that you want to achieve?
  • Emotion Attached: What emotion do you feel when you see yourself with your intention fully achieved in your life?  See yourself as already in that position of having what you desire.  Notice how your body feels, are you excited, thrilled, happy, grateful, energized?  Attach the strongest emotion to the intention when you are meditating on this and FEEL yourself in the emotion as you visualize yourself achieving your desire.
  • Date: By when do you intend to accomplish this? Give yourself a time goal to ensure action.
  • Brain Food: Our brains sometimes need a logical sign of attainability to believe this miracle can be accomplished in our lives. What prior personal or borrowed victory have you experienced that you can feed your brain to tell it that this intention is attainable? Another powerful source is scripture or favorite quotes.  Your faith in the Source promising victory is powerful.

Generate Ideas and Track Manifestations:

Use the Ideas and Manifestations Worksheet to track the inspired ideas, guidance, or direction you receive in your meditation time. Don’t try to think of these on your own while meditating, instead relax, find that peaceful place and let them quietly come to you.  These are inspired and come from your spirit rather than your logic.  Throughout the day take notice of the small signs or manifestations that you experience which line up with your desired outcome.  Write them down right away, even if they seem slightly insignificant at the time.  Follow your intuition.

Act on the ideas, record progress, and assess your path:

Sit down periodically (at least every other week) to review your Ideas and Manifestations Worksheets and note your progress. If you find yourself not making progress, spend more time in a quiet state of mind and allow yourself time to free yourself of chatter.  As you become more aware of your inner guidance system you will find it easier to see the manifestations taking place each day.

If you have any questions or feedback on the worksheet, please feel free to leave a comment or email me directly from the contact page.  I would be happy to hear your suggestions and your progress!  We are here to support each other in our growth, so please don’t hesitate to tell us your accomplishments or other tips to help out.

To Your Success,

October 12, 2009   Comments Off

Visualization and Manifesting – 30 Day Challenge For Business Success

You may be wondering what intention, meditation and all this law of attraction stuff have to do with Marketing.  Everything!  The thoughts you have about your business or your business “intentions” will give you exactly the results you are expecting…good or bad.  All the marketing know-how and education you have will amount to nothing if you have an unhealthy way of looking at your opportunity for business success.

Visualization and Manifesting

The purpose of visualization is to help manifest the outcome we want. It’s a bit like running a film clip in our imagination as if we have already achieved what it is that we are hoping to achieve. Visualization is a very useful tool to help us realize our goals. It’s important to notice the emotions that you would be feeling if you were CURRENTLY living your desire.  Focus on that emotion of well being, joy, excitement, satisfaction, or whatever it is that you imagine yourself feeling when your goal & intentions are accomplished.  The emotion is what puts the law of attraction into full speed.

I have always liked the comparison that if ‘prayer’ is talking to God, in whatever way you define God; ‘meditation’ is listening to God. To really listen to someone requires quiet and concentrated effort. The same is true of meditation. It’s also important to understand that you do not need to have any particular religious beliefs to meditate. Anybody can do it.

Creating The Habit

Whenever we are creating new habits, it’s best have a routine.  The best times to meditate are when you first wake up or just before you doze off at night, visually creating your day.  But, I have to admit that it’s not always easy to be consistent when you are just starting out, so don’t worry if you forget one day…just find 20 minutes of quiet time somewhere in your day to sneak away.

I am working on a template to use along with the daily meditation to track progress and help us acknowledge little manifestations along the way.  I should have it up within a few days, so be on the lookout for it.  Remember, this is a 30 day commitment but is really just a way of setting the stage for much more.  Use it as a test.  A test to see if this stuff really works or not.  If you take notice of the clues the Universe leaves you, you will honestly be amazed at the power you see at work in your everyday life in the next 30 days!

Setting The Mood

I’ve added some music below that is very relaxing and sets a peaceful atmosphere.  Headphones really work best to shut out the rest of the noise in the room.  Take the time to check out these YouTube channels if you like a certain video.  You can usually buy tracks to keep and play on your mp3 player.

There are many ways to meditate but all aim to do the same thing, create a quiet space in which we can just connect with our inner beings.  If you would like to have some support in your quest, we have several people that are networking and supporting one another on Twitter.

Follow these peeps that are also part of the group and leave your Twitter username in the comments if you’d like to join in so we can follow you too! If you have a suggestion for a hashtag leave that in the comments…it will make it easier to track everyone’s feedback and progress.  Feel free to leave your tips and suggestions…we love to read them.  :)

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To Your Success,

P.S. ~~>  One of my all time favorite author & speakers is Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Dr. Dyer has his own unique way of bringing peace to your surroundings and a smile to your face as he shares his wisdom and his personal family experiences in his lessons.  I would say I have learned more from him than any one other author and his teaching brought me through one of the biggest struggles of my life.  If you are looking for a deeper understanding of meditation, intentions and thoughts…Wayne Dyer is my very top recommendation!

October 5, 2009   12 Comments

How To Build Your Value In Social Media

If you have been in social media or online marketing for any amount of time, chances are that you have heard people talking about “branding yourself” or “building your value”. You’ll find, especially in social media, that the amount of perceived value you provide to those following you is what will determine your success and growth in your industry.  So, how do you build your value and brand yourself as an authority?

1.  Continue To Grow

So, you might be saying, “how can I be a Leader in my niche if people think I don’t know it all already?”.  NO ONE knows it all already.  There are different levels of expertise, but for every level of leadership you are at there is a mutual group of people not quite where you are that is looking for guidance.  Your job is simply to research your niche and learn as much as you possibly can.  Attend webinars,  read the blogs by your mentors, and dig in!  By adding knowledge to your skill set you are building the amount of value you have to offer.

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in learning is by attending live conferences in your niche.  For example, October 15-17 should be booked on your calendar to attend the BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2009 in Las Vegas.  Sometimes you just have to get away from the distractions and the mundane tasks to get inspired by the experts!  (If you can register tonight before midnight you will save 20%.)

2.  Share What You Learn

It really is your experiences that are valuable to others. Everyone is on a road leading somewhere.  I can tell you from experience, that drive from Palm Springs,California to Phoenix, AZ is not an interesting one.  You travel through miles and miles of barren desert where every mile looks the same as the last.  I can remember the first few times making that trip that I kept wondering if I had gone the wrong way or taken a wrong highway and kept checking the map.  Now that I’ve done it a few times I am confident and can tell people what to expect and what it will be like so they are prepared and don’t fret as I did.

It’s the same thing with learning something new about your niche or industry.  Now that I have my blog set up and running, I could tell someone how to do it from to buy a domain, pick a name, install WordPress, which plugins to use, set up an auto-responder, and so forth.  That stuff used to boggle my brain and send me into fits of exasperation!  So, now I share what I have learned.  Whatever it is that you have learned, whether from your present experiences online, or from past employment…you possess something very valuable: your experience.

3.  Don’t Hide Your Mistakes

Even your mistakes are valuable, because you can save someone else the time & confusion you went through to finally solve your challenge.  Be authentic and share your silly goof ups once in a while.  It makes you human and relatable.  I love to make people smile…even if it’s at my mistakes.  Don’t let your ego get in the way of your success.  Your mistakes aren’t really mistakes at all, they are just lessons that teach and test you.  The faster you learn what you were meant to learn from them, the faster you can move on.

When I read a blog or story of someone that is laughing at their mistakes and sharing how they got out of their mess, I get this feeling of relief to know that I am not the only one!  Don’t you?  Some of the best comedians base their whole act on life’s little blunders.  By sharing how you fixed your dilemma and being open about it you are opening the door for loads of comments from others that relate to you.  Comment love is a good feeling, especially when you know you just provided value to your readers.  :)

Remember that every time you learn a new skill set you are adding value to your “value bank”.  Be a source of knowledge and information to your niche or industry.  Get out there and learn, grow & share with other people.  The only people that ever create any kind of success are those that are willing to step outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves.  This is how you build your value and brand yourself as a source.  Invest in your own self and your own education, so get out there and start making those deposits!

So after reading this post today, how are you going to work on building your value this week?  What specific action steps are you going to take?  Please share them below within our little community… I always love reading your comments!

To Your Success,

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Shift Happens – How To Handle Crossroads In Any Woman’s Life With Confidence and Grace

On this Marketing Mindset Monday, today’s post is about change.  It’s about facing circumstances square in the eye and saying “I can handle this and I will expect success to meet me at every step“.  I suppose every one of us has experienced unexpected shifts at what seems to be the most inopportune times.  How will you handle them?

A certain woman I know is currently experiencing undue burden as her employer held pay for 5 weeks.  She’s a single mom with a deadbeat “dad”  that has never done his part to support his children.  I’ve watched her devote countless hours to her job, for many months working 14 hour days including weekends, giving all of herself to help another man  build his business as she was undervalued, passed over and overworked.  While the company flourished, the owners indulged themselves in lavish extravagances, overspending and neglecting their business until nearly at the point of insolvency.  With no money left to spend, the owners have turned back to rebuild and recently informed her they had decided her already small salary was “overpaid” and a portion of her services provided would not be paid for even though it had not been discussed.  To continue working for them she would have to accept a 75%  cut in pay with no benefits.   Knowing that this job is her only source of income to provide for her family, they have her over a barrel.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” – Mark Twain

There comes a time in every person’s life where there are tough decisions to be made.  A point where you either accept the circumstances as they are or take the responsibility to change them.  Situations like this remind me how important it is to be in business for yourself.  To be responsible for your own profit and put your hard work and sacrifices into building a lasting foundation for yourself and your family.

I love motivational quotes and have l always favored Samuel Langhorne Clemens, also known as Mark Twain for his outspoken personality on human tendencies and witty cut-to-the-chase style.   But, did you also know that Mr. Twain was a strong supporter of women and Women’s Rights?

As a matter of fact, during an address at the Washington Correspondent’s Club, the toast made by Mark Twain was:  “Woman- the pride of any profession, and the jewel of ours”. He also went on to say:

“In all relations of life, sir, it is but a just and graceful tribute to woman to say of her that she is a brick.  Wheresoever you place woman, sir – in whatever position or estate – she is an ornament to the place she occupies, and a treasure to the world.”

How long has it been since you were told you are a treasure to the world or an ornament to the place you occupy in your position?  Women in all professions have accomplished much since the days of Mark Twain, including persisting until the passing of the 19th Amendment.  And we continue to persevere  in the work place even in the face of gender pay discrimination and unscrupulous business practices.

This post is for the women that are ready to make decisions to change their lives.  I’d like to inspire you to remember who you are. You are a gift, a beautiful gift of integrity and strength…compassionate and intelligent. YOU are capable of making any change in your life that you can imagine.  But, that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.  We must build a strong network of women to support, mentor and encourage one another.    When you have your moments of weakness, I will be here to say, “you are the pride of any profession, a jewel, and you are able!”  When I am struggling with my confidence, you are here to say “Hey Coree…you are an ornament, a treasure to the world, and as strong as a brick”.

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

I am considering beginning a Mastermind Group for women looking for support and sharing ideas in marketing, new business, pr, advertising, and entrepreneurship.  If I were to do this I would hold conference calls and/or webinars once per week.  I’d like to know how many ladies out there would be interested in joining and possibly co-hosting calls with me.  Please let me know your level of interest by either commenting here or emailing me directly at Coree AT marketlikeachick DOT COM.  I look forward to hearing from each of you!

To Your Success,

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