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Add This Publicity Tip To Your PR Toolbox For Instant Results

This is part three in a 3 part series on the “3 Steps To Achieve Publicity Success In Any Venture from Guest Blogger, RuthAnn Bowen, PR extraordinaire and Founder of PR firm The Bowen Agency Public Relations. The first step was “Embracing Your Difference”; the second step was “Tell Your Story”.

This blog post explores the third:

3.  Be Nice

If you were anticipating a big insider PR secret for the third necessity to publicity success, this is it.  Be nice.

It’s not flashy. It’s simple, common sense.  But you’d be amazed at how often nice is missing from the world of media.

It’s a simple rule of thumb that has served me well in my publicity career. It doesn’t matter if I’m working with an intern reporter or the producer of a national TV show or these days, a blogger. They are all people and deserve respect.

I’ve seen my share of publicists with pompous and entitlement attitudes. And quite frankly, I don’t want to be around them, so why would someone in the media?  In a follow up call I made to a newspaper reporter several years ago, this was the response I got: “These calls from you people make my job so difficult.

So how do you handle a response like that?  Be nice. Be polite. Do your job without the attitude.

Out of the three requirements to publicity success this one would seem the easiest to brush off.  Don’t.

Nice is powerful.  And it’s a must-have for long-term publicity success.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list so please leave your thoughts or additions in the comments below!  What tips have you used to get your foot through the door with publicists or journalists?

This is the third installment of “3 Steps To Achieve Publicity Success In Any Venture” by RuthAnn Bowen of The Bowen Agency Public Relations.  Ms. Bowen is a thirteen-year veteran of publicity having worked in the entertainment industry in Nashville, TN and owning her PR firm The Bowen Agency Public Relations.  Contact her with your PR question at
or follow her on Twitter @thebowenagency

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Are You Telling Your Story? Your Publicity Depends On It

Everyone has a story. And when it comes right down to it publicity is all about telling your business story.  It’s also about keeping your fairytale from becoming a nightmare.  This is part two in a 3 part series on the “3 Steps To Achieve Publicity Success In Any Venture from Guest Blogger, RuthAnn Bowen, PR extraordinaire and Founder of PR firm The Bowen Agency Public Relations.  Come back tomorrow for part three!

The first installment of this blog post discussed the requirement of “Embracing Your Difference”. Here’s the second requirement:

2.  Tell Your Story

Believe it or not, we all learned back in junior high the elements for telling a story:  Who, what, where, when, why, and how.  Here’s how to use these same guidelines for business storytelling and publicity success:

1. Who

Ultimately, you are the one who can tell your story best.  If you aren’t the best storyteller find a publicist who understands brand storytelling.  Make sure whomever you hire understands your story and can partner with you to tell your business story effectively.  They should also have the same passion for telling it.

2. What

Figure out your brand message.  What do you want consumers/clients/customers to know about your product or service?  This ties into what makes you unique.  Figure it out, put it in writing and begin telling your audience.

3. Where

There are a lot of media outlets out there to promote your brand story.  Let’s split where to use your business storytelling between traditional and new or social media:

Traditional media:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines, etc.

Social media:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Your website
  • Blog
  • YouTube, etc.

Do your research.  What publications, websites, blogs, does your audience frequent?  Which reporters/journalists/bloggers cover your topic? What are people saying about your industry? Target the ones who cover your specific product or service. Join the on-line conversation.

(One caveat:  Please, don’t send out mass e-mails!  This is a huge publicity pet peeve of the media’s–and mine. Don’t send your cat food press release to the automotive reporter.  It’s not going to get covered. Period).

4. When

Timing is a key factor when working with the media.  From the time of day you call to the time of year your story runs, timing is to PR what location is to real estate.

5. How

There are specific PR tools to get your brand story out.  Coree’s article on 6 PR Tips to Writing Publicity Friendly Content provides a good go-to list to check out.  For help on putting your business story together, Engage365 has a tremendous article from Ian McGonnigal on Storytelling in Social Media and Events.

Everyone loves to hear a good story.  So tell them yours! Earning the media’s attention in the right way could be the beginning to your publicity happily ever after.

Our next post explores a surprising requirement.  Don’t miss it!

How have you used storytelling to promote your business?  Do you have your own story prepared and ready to share?  Have you ever used a third party story in your publicity campaign?  How and how well did it work for you?  Please leave us a comment below and share!

This is the second installment of “3 Steps To Achieve Publicity Success In Any Venture” by RuthAnn Bowen of The Bowen Agency Public Relations.  Ms. Bowen is a thirteen-year veteran of publicity having worked in the entertainment industry in Nashville, TN and owning her PR firm The Bowen Agency Public Relations.  Contact her with your PR question at

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Single Most Important Thing A Blogger Needs To Know

What is the single most important thing to know when you are writing a blog?  Is it the technical experience to design and troubleshoot your theme and website?  Or maybe a degree in journalism so you can write properly formatted article?  Those may both be nice to know but the single most important thing in creating loyal readership for your blog is this:

Know what your readers want to hear from you.

My goal has always been to provide quality articles that will both teach and inspire.  I began Market Like A Chick in February, 2009 and have written on marketing topics covering social media, event marketing, blogging, personal branding as well as maintaining a positive marketing mindset. While I’ve had a great response to my efforts so far, I don’t want to be so spread out or covering so many topics that you are not getting what you came for.

So, I’m asking for your help.  I’d like to know what areas YOU would like to see covered more frequently or in more detail in my posts.  As I add more contributing authors you’ll begin to see more content being posted and I want to be sure the topics are on base.  (If you’d like to be a contributing writer please email me a sample of your work or see the details on my Be Featured page)

It’s all about you, baby!  So, here’s your chance…

Please do me a ginormous favor and take a couple minutes of your time to answer this poll and help me give you what you’re looking for.  Feel free to leave comments or suggestions here as well.

To Your Success,

March 24, 2010   7 Comments

5 Tips On How To Market Yourself As Your Main Product

With so many Marketers in the mainstream social media world, how do you set yourself apart from the rest as the one people trust and buy from?   It has long been said that people do not buy products from salespeople, they buy YOU…the salesperson.

People usually start into Social Media Marketing in one of two ways:

1.   They have a product already but no social media skills to understand how to market in the new media

2.   They start with a blog, no product to sell and just start marketing themselves as a source hoping to one day to actually have a product

Which ever category you may have fallen into,  you’ll need to distinguish yourself…YOU and what you stand for…before you’ll see success in social networking.

Personal branding is now more important than ever in communities.  People are buying you.  If I don’t like you, I’m not only NOT going to buy from you, but I am blocking you and telling all my friends what I think of you too.  (Hmmph!) That’s the power of social networking.  We all talk, and word of mouth can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

How To Make YOU Your Main Product:

1.  Set Up Profiles On The Big Three:

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Pick one of those 3 as your home and get really really good at it.  Don’t waste your time (or others) by pinging hundreds of social networks that you never frequent.  I started out on all of them then realized that without focusing on one network I was spreading myself too thin to be an authority on ANY of them.

2.  Hook Up With Other Up n’ Comers:

Get to know others in your field or niche that have the same goal as you.  I’m not saying give them all your secrets, but be willing to share ideas and experiences that you have learned from and they will do the same.

Have you ever had a friend that made it big before you did?  How did you take it? We can either get jealous and angry that it wasn’t us that made it, or we can put all that silliness behind, celebrate with them and learn from their experience.  Chances are they may take you right along the success pathway with them!

3.  Hook Up With The Influencers:

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating.  In social media your ROI is your Return On Influence, so borrow the influence of others if you don’t have much of your own yet. You will be glad that you made friends with a few fire starters when you have them start tweeting out your blog posts and then your product launches for you.  Just remember, the big names in Social Media are being pitched all the time, so be real with them.

Try to find conversations that you can fit into and add value to.  If you can’t, then start a topic of conversation of your own.  Comment on their blogs, meet them at conferences and MeetUps, spend time getting to know who they are before you start telling them who YOU are.

4.  Be Unique:

When I buy something for myself I tend to look for things that are a little different than what everyone else is buying.  I may like the main idea behind a trending product, but generally I don’t want to be just like everyone else.  I’m weird that way.

I’m that way about my writing too.  I like the ideas that many people are talking about in social media, but I don’t say it the same way.  That’s another thing that’s cool about social media…it allows everyone to be themselves.  You can build your own community of people that like you because you don’t follow the crowds or you’re not afraid to say when something really sucks.

You’re selling yourself and YOUR personality, so be different.  Be liked, or be hated, but be the best you can be at either! ;)

5.   Choose Who/What You Promote Wisely:

Another old saying to remember is, you are who your friends are. Like it or not, who you associate with or the products you promote all affect the perception people have of you.

I have worked with some top names in MLM business opportunities. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly side of network marketing.  Because of that, I deliberately separated my blog and my name from any association with that niche.  When it comes to business opportunities, I am very hesitant to promote to my community.

I would still talk to any of these MLM leaders and I appreciate their personalities, but the image I want to display is one of authenticity and professionalism. And by professionalism I mean knowing my stuff and calling things as they really are.

If you don’t get anything else out of this article, I hope you walk away with this one concept: 

You will never get people to really like you for who you are if you are never really YOU in front of them.

Market yourself as authentic you.  Like people.  Smile.  Care.  Listen. Learn.  Share.  In the process you’ll find that opportunity to promote your products but what people will remember is YOU.

By the way, if you don’t find fulfillment or happiness in what you do, you might as well go back to having a job working for someone else because you will never be happy until you are happy doing what you do everyday. Just sayin…

What makes you decide to buy from someone?  What quality or perception did you pick up that made you say yes to that person?  How can you adapt the same qualities into your own personal branding plan of action?  Can you see where you can do things differently now?  Please share your comments below.

To Your Success,

P.S. ~> Don’t forget that I am giving away Google Wave invites to the top two commentators each week. You see the rules for the Google Wave Invite Top Commenter contest to get some ideas to help you win. Please be sure to follow Rule #1. You must COMMENT on the blog itself to win, Tweeting the post will add an additional entry, but will not count unless there is also a relevant comment posted on the article of your choice. Good luck!

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Can Switching From Feedburner Bring You Fortune And Fame?

Without argue, one of the most important steps you must take as an Internet marketer is to build your list of email subscribers.  If you’re using Feedburner for your email subscribers you are missing out on a fortune and the opportunity to build your relationship with your subscribers!  Any ProBlogger will tell you the one thing they would do differently if they were just starting is to begin building subscriber their list earlier!  But, it’s important to know where to build your subscriber list so that you can communicate with them effectively & (hopefully) profitably.

If you are like most new bloggers, once you found out was RSS was, you probably went with the most popular choice of Feedburner to manage your feeds.  If you are like me, you figured the easiest route for your email subscribers would also be Feedburner, so you went ahead and just clicked the extra box or two while setting up your account to have them take care of that for you too.  Simple, right?  But is it the best method for your business?

While there are several methods of setting up email notification on a blog, Aweber is the best choice. But judge for yourself   Let me tell you why I believe using Aweber is the best choice:

  1. Aweber gives you the control of when you would like to send your RSS through email.  You can set it up to send after you have a certain amount of posts, or on a certain day of the week, and what time of day to send.  Feedburner gives you no options.
  2. Aweber has many snazzy templates to choose from to adjust for simple emails, newsletters, or podcasts.  Feedburner has one default format.
  3. Aweber has option of Text only version email but also supports an HTML format.  Feedburner offers no options.
  4. Aweber allows you to add fields, like your subscriber’s first name in both the subject line and the body so you can personalize your email for each user.  Again, Feedburner has nada.
  5. Aweber reports are much more detailed, showing you how many users actually opened your email as well as how many people clicked on links inside, and which ones so you can track your marketing efforts.  Feedburner offers only a basic report.
  6. Aweber offers geographic profiling so you know what region prefers what kind of information you sent.  Need I say, Feedburner doesn’t?
  7. Aweber supports multiple web forms for sign ups like popover or Lightbox which give even a blog with low traffic a better chance of subscriptions.
  8. Aweber supports automation rules where you can move a subscriber automatically from one list to other depending on a certain action, such as buying an e-book or other buying action.
  9. Aweber allows you to update Twitter with your RSS, which is not available at all with Feedburner.  This is not something I use, just because I like to personally control my Tweets, but it is an option.
  10. Aweber let’s you set up your own “Thank You” page which is very important so you can use your own lingo to let the new subscriber know what they just subscribed to and what to expect from you. Not possible when it comes to Feedburner.
  11. Aweber does allow you to import subscribers from another existing database, but keep in mind that it is manually reviewed before actually importing it. This is something that I just did, and it wasn’t hard at all.  As a matter of fact, I will make the “How To” my blog post tomorrow.  Feedburner does not allow you to import any other existing database subscribers.
  12. And most importantly, Aweber allows you to send broadcast messages to your subscribers! Feedburner does not allow you to send any messages to YOUR subscribers except the RSS feed of your blog updates.

When I saw that you can sign up with Aweber for just $19 per month it was a no brainer for me. AWeber also offers a risk-free thirty day trial. With this trial, you can set up your first email marketing campaign and quickly begin to see results. If you do not see results, or cancel your account for any reason during the first 30 days of your service, they’ll provide a full, hassle-free refund. You can’t beat that!

Feedburner is no replacement for an Email Marketing. Autoresponders are a must, so ask yourself if you can really afford NOT to have AWeber. Start building (and owning) your own list…you won’t regret it.

Try AWeber Email Marketing Risk-Free

To Your Success,

PS~~> Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the “How To” import your existing database into AWeber from Feedburner.  I’ll include screenshots to show you how to download your CSV file and word for word what to say to get Aweber to approve your list.  Go sign up now so you are ready!  Also, there are lots more tips on email marketing in the 21 day E-Course I’m offering.  Be sure to claim those lessons for yourself!

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Hot Tips to Build a Large Mailing List

How’s your list-building going? You hear about it all the time “You’ve got to have a list…” and the sooner you start building one the better you will do. But, there’s a big difference between having a list and having a profitable list.

I’d rather have the second, any time!

I’ve got a surprise for you. One of the guys who practically invented list-building online, Jimmy D. Brown, has agreed to let me post an except from his course List PROFIT System, which is a fantastic course for beginners. It really should be recommended reading for anyone starting an online business, in my opinion!

After you read this excerpt, be sure to grab Jimmy’s FREE report “Six Steps To Six Figures With List Marketing”:  Download 6 Steps To 6 Figures With List Marketing Report

But, first — I’ll share a sneak peek at a few pages of the actual paid course.

Excerpt from List PROFIT System

by Jimmy D. Brown

PART 3:  Seven Opt-in Triggers That Get Subscribers Like Crazy

You can have all the right “ingredients” to an opt-in page (the things we just talked about in the previous section) and still not get great results. It’s how you put everything together that counts.

So, that’s what I want to share with you now.

You’re about to get the benefit of results from more than five years of tweaking and testing (and tweaking and testing some more!) the opt-in process. I don’t know if there’s anyone who’s been doing THIS longer than I have. I was using a mini-site to get subscribers since back in 1999 – back when list-building pretty much meant having a link on your site that said, “To join my list, click here.”

While there are a gazillion variations and distinctions, there are some basic “triggers” that I’ve found really do dramatically improve your opt-in rate.

There are seven of them…

Note:   The first three are very basic, but I’ll be revealing some ideas that you’ve probably not considered before…so read them anyway. :-) The final four are more “advanced” in nature. You’ll find that only those “in the know” are using them. Add your name to the list.

1. Offer Real Perceived Value. Years ago I went to the late Corey Rudl’s web site and he was giving away a free subscription (like everyone else) to his newsletter. What made his different than the rest? It had a simple notice near the subscription form reading, “$197.00 value”.

Instant perceived value at the time. (That’s not the case now with everyone putting inflated “values” on their free offers).

The point is this…you can CREATE perceived value. Here’s how.

- UNIQUENESS. One way to do this is through your own “unique” approach to your free offer. You can say the same thing as someone else in a totally different way and see a marked difference in responses.

For example: “$600 cash back” is NOT the same as “A year’s worth of free gas” to someone about to buy a car. (Especially today with gas prices rocketing skyward in leaps and bounds!) “A year’s worth of free gas” has a much higher “perceived” value even though its monetary value is the same.

What makes your list unique?


I *highly* recommend you grab the FREE report “Six Steps To Six Figures With List Marketing”!

It’ll give you an overview of the essential pieces involved in profitable list marketing. Miss even one of them and you could be working way too hard for too little money.

Check it out: “Six Steps To Six Figures With List Marketing

To Your Success,

P.S. ~~> Looking for ways to build your list? Expert List Builder, Jimmy D. Brown, has been kind enough to allow me to offer you his 21 day “List Marketing Minute” E-Course for FREE! Jimmy has taught the best, names like John Reese & Nicole Dean, how to master the skill of building a profitable email list. You can sign up here to join the e-course and get started instantly!


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Marketing, Social Media & Personal Branding -Top 10 Posts from Market Like A Chick

I’ve put together what I feel are 10 of the most popular posts (or ones that may have been missed) from the last few months of Market Like A Chick.  You’ll find tips and feelings on Marketing, Social Media and Personal Branding.  Take a few minutes to check some of these out…and please be sure to bookmark for later reference.

  1. 5 Definite Dont’s When You’re Selling To A Chick – Have you ever been sold by someone that grated on every last nerve you have in your body?  Chances are that if you did buy, it was because you already knew what you wanted before you got there.  In the case of us chicks, we love to shop, but few of us like to be ’sold’. Although this is a blog about marketing to or like a woman, I thought I’d lay out a few things that will shut down a sale to a woman faster than you can say “Sale at Macy’s”.  Some sales experience is handy when marketing and vice versa.  Here are my thoughts on some definite ‘Dont’s…
  2. The Shift of Brand Equity To Sweat Equity Via Social Media –  Times are changing for business building and business branding.  No longer does a business need 40 years to build their image, their cherished slogans, or their customer loyalty and word of mouth advertising.  No longer do business owners need to desperately hope to get past  gatekeepers for prominent TV Executives, Radio Station Directors and Newspaper Editors.  Now, we have Social Media…
  3. Confessions Of A Multitasker And 10 Steps To Recovery – Yes, I admit it. I am an admitted doer-of-14-things-at-once addict. I text, put make up on, and drive at the same time. I read email, schedule conference calls and check Twitter while Googling potential keynote speakers and training subjects in one swoop. I help one kid with homework while scolding another for forgetting his at school, chat with my daughter on the phone, and run the puppy out of the kitchen all while preparing dinner. Is this normal? For most women, yes, it is. We are the masters of multi-tasking. Truth be told, you can’t live in this day and age without having some multi-tasking skills. But…and that’s a big but (ahem, pardon the pun)…by constantly multi-tasking we are cheating ourselves, our kids, and our performance…
  4. What Everybody Ought to Know About Women Marketers – One of the most common questions or comments I get is “So, what is different about the way women market?”  While I will acknowledge that both sexes share some marketing qualities, women have certain traits or characteristics that are built in at birth. All those quirks and obsessions make up your unique business personality and set you up in your own niche. Celebrate your authenticity!  One woman I’ve found to be an inspiration and a leader is Lorrie Thomas, a self-proclaimed “wild web woman” and principal of an all female (and fabulous!) marketing agency…
  5. Content King vs Relationship Queen – Who Wins? –  Is it true that writing great content is still the biggest driving force of traffic to your blog or website?  That could be changing.  As I mentioned before, incoming links are becoming more and more valuable as webmasters and authors realize how important they are to search engine results.   Building relationships, showing link love, and reaching out to top Bloggers is more than half the battle, even for those that have been around for awhile. Jon shares strategies for building those important relationships and getting to know the ‘elite’ ,,,
  6. Social Bookmarking 101 – What Is It and How Does It Work? –  With all the talk about micro-blogging on Twitter or Facebook, there is another side to the coin that you must consider to fully engage in social media marketing.  It’s called Social Bookmarking.This is Part 1 of a series covering all the basics, including how social bookmarking works, how to create the best profile, creating effective bookmarking habits for marketing, and where to find friends…
  7. How To Link Your Blog To Your Facebook Profile With Notes –  Using your blog as your hub is part of a smart and strategic social media marketing plan. I have found that Facebook offers the greatest linking capabilities so far.  Not only can you link your blog in via the Notes Application, but I also use the Facebook Networked Blogs that gives added exposure. I know there are female ‘tech geeks” out there, but I am not one of them!  It takes me a little longer to understand how to do these things than most so I’d like to make it easier for other women if at all possible…
  8. Why Every Blogger Chick Should Have Rock Solid Marketing Confidence – Do you cringe at the thought of trying to convince someone they should buy from you?  I used to think that way.  I used to think that Sales and Marketing were the same thing and it was just some sleazy game that  salespeople played to get your AmEx out of your wallet and into their greedy hands.  They used their secret voodoo  mind games and closing techniques to convince you that you would fail without them.  Well,  I’ve got some good news for my fellow Blogger Chicks…times are changing, baby!…
  9. Top Women Breaking Internet Glass Ceilings –  Recently my friend, Michael Dunlop of Income Diary, posted his list of the 30 Top Female Internet Entrepreneurs.  The list is not organized in any certain order, such as most money made, longest in business, youngest female, etc.  But, rather, is in alphabetical order.  I have to respect Michael for that because he knows that as women, we don’t base the measure of our success on money, power or seniority alone. Success can mean so many things and I suppose everyone holds a different perspective of what true success is.  To me, true success is working on something I enjoy, something that brings a sense of fulfillment and peace, and provides financial freedom with it…
  10. Personal Branding – An Unexpected Discovery – Have you ever been asked a question by someone and you know the only reason they are asking it is because they believe your answer will seem foolish? The person that asked me to summarize my best marketing advice in 140 characters or less had his motives, but what came out of it was the discovery of a marketable skill and a growing trend.  So, what was meant for harm was turned to good, as all things do when you remain honest with yourself and your values. Simply put, it was: “Be true to yourself and who you are in your marketing, online and off. People can see right through any BS even online. You’ll build trust, and trust equals loyalty.” What I said came from my heart, but what I’ve learned since then is that there is a name for my theory that top entrepreneurs and business coaches teach around the world. It’s called Personal Branding and it’s huge..

To Your Success,

P.S. ~~> Don’t forget to add to your favorite social bookmarking sites below!

5 Definite Dont’s When You’re Selling To A Chick

August 12, 2009   3 Comments

4 Female Traits That Build Rock Solid Marketing Confidence

Do you cringe at the thought of trying to convince someone they should buy from you?

I used to think that way.  I used to think that Sales and Marketing were the same thing and it was just some sleazy game that  salespeople played to get your AmEx out of your wallet and into their greedy hands.  They used their secret voodoo  mind games and closing techniques to convince you that you would fail without them.

Well,  I’ve got some good news for my fellow Blogger Chicks…times are changing, baby!

What women have known and practiced for years is now the new marketing strategy. The new buzz words in Marketing are:  transparency and authenticity.  Or, in chick yourself and keep it real.    Right about now you should be letting out this huge sigh of relief.  Whew!

Blog Consultant, Michael Martine of Remarkablogger, had this to say in his article Read This if You Hate Marketing:

As a marketing channel, blogging and social media are NOTHING like traditional marketing. They are the opposite of it in almost every way. You don’t have to sound like a marketing brochure. In fact, it’s way better if you don’t. Just be yourself. You don’t have to sound like Crazy Eddie the Used Car Salesman or Precious Roy (bonus points if you know who Precious Roy is).

So, why should a women find confidence in this new marketing trend?  Because women, in general, love to build relationships and help others.  Your blog allows you to be yourself, listen to your readers, nurture relationships and build rapport.

Rather than thinking of Marketing as selling your wares, try taking these viewpoints:

  1. Instead of thinking you’re selling, just have a conversation. Make it your focus to build personal communication with your clients.  Listen to them and help solve their problems as you would your best friend or family member.
  2. Women are detail oriented.  Allow yourself to dive into the details and thrive on them.  You will be the one able to give your client that extra detailed touch that anyone else would have missed.
  3. Once you’ve listened, do what we love to to…communicate!  Give your potential clients all the information they will need to understand what you will be doing for them and allow them to make an educated decision. If they feel they must do their due dilgence in seeking out comparisons, they will return to you knowing that you were the most upfront with them.
  4. Your goal is to be yourself and enjoy your clients.  Build relationships with your prospects and they will trust you,  and when they trust you they will want to do business with you.

You have inside of you all you need to build a prosperous blog and business.

Relax. Relate.  Enjoy.

Slow and steady wins the race.  Keep networking and using those beautiful gifts of the female personality to build a solid base and thriving business. Your confidence will grow and so will your business.

What other characteristics can you think of that women can build their marketing confidence with?  By the way, I had no idea who Michael was talking about.  Did you earn the bonus points for knowing who Precious Roy was?

June 9, 2009   10 Comments

How To Use Twitter Chat To Establish Yourself As An Authority In Your Niche

With the fast paced and diverse messages constantly being sent over the Twitter feed how do you narrow down the conversation to discuss and focus on your niche?   The challenge is not i, n finding what is hot on Twitter right now, but in how to create a buzz around your brand or niche and position yourself as a leading authority in that trend.  By using simple #hashtags, creating live chat room events and promoting your chat you can do just that.

The chat room is your platform and soapbox, so to speak, that you will use to share your expertise in a more controlled environment.  Your goal is to the establish yourself as the Leader by providing the largest amount of relevant interaction and knowledge on the subject at hand. Much like you see top commenters on blog posts, your Twitter name will be seen as top contributor on tracking sites or Twitter search and will position you as the authority while providing name recognition.  Follow these simple steps to begin: [Read more →]

June 3, 2009   10 Comments

The Shift of Brand Equity To Sweat Equity Via Social Media

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” – George S. Patton

Times are changing for business building and business branding.  No longer does a business need 40 years to build their image, their cherished slogans, or their customer loyalty and word of mouth advertising.  No longer do business owners need to desperately hope to get past  gatekeepers for prominent TV Executives, Radio Station Directors and Newspaper Editors.  Now, we have Social Media.

We are living in the day and age where we can personally deliver the message ourselves and the cost to build brand equity has switched to sweat equity, it’s not about dollars and cents. If you are just catching on to the the social media craze you had better buckle up, because you are about to embark on a crash course in the power of what Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV calls “word of mouth on steroids”! [Read more →]

May 28, 2009   11 Comments