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Add This Publicity Tip To Your PR Toolbox For Instant Results

This is part three in a 3 part series on the “3 Steps To Achieve Publicity Success In Any Venture from Guest Blogger, RuthAnn Bowen, PR extraordinaire and Founder of PR firm The Bowen Agency Public Relations. The first step was “Embracing Your Difference”; the second step was “Tell Your Story”. Keep Reading...

April 15, 2010   8 Comments

Are You Telling Your Story? Your Publicity Depends On It

Everyone has a story. And when it comes right down to it publicity is all about telling your business story.  It’s also about keeping your fairytale from becoming a nightmare.  This is part two in a 3 part series on the “3 Steps To Achieve Publicity Success In Any Venture from Guest Blogger, RuthAnn Bowen, PR extraordinaire and Founder of PR firm The Bowen Agency Public Relations.  Come back tomorrow for part three! Keep Reading...

April 14, 2010   15 Comments

Single Most Important Thing A Blogger Needs To Know

What is the single most important thing to know when you are writing a blog?  Is it the technical experience to design and troubleshoot your theme and website?  Or maybe a degree in journalism so you can write properly formatted article?  Those may both be nice to know but the single most important thing in creating loyal readership for your blog is this: Keep Reading...

March 24, 2010   7 Comments

5 Tips On How To Market Yourself As Your Main Product

With so many Marketers in the mainstream social media world, how do you set yourself apart from the rest as the one people trust and buy from?   It has long been said that people do not buy products from salespeople, they buy YOU…the salesperson. Keep Reading...

December 1, 2009   44 Comments

Can Switching From Feedburner Bring You Fortune And Fame?

Without argue, one of the most important steps you must take as an Internet marketer is to build your list of email subscribers.  If you’re using Feedburner for your email subscribers you are missing out on a fortune and the opportunity to build your relationship with your subscribers!  Any ProBlogger will tell you the one thing they would do differently if they were just starting is to begin building subscriber their list earlier!  But, it’s important to know where to build your subscriber list so that you can communicate with them effectively & (hopefully) profitably. Keep Reading...

September 16, 2009   4 Comments

Hot Tips to Build a Large Mailing List

How’s your list-building going? You hear about it all the time “You’ve got to have a list…” and the sooner you start building one the better you will do. But, there’s a big difference between having a list and having a profitable list. Keep Reading...

September 4, 2009   Comments Off

Marketing, Social Media & Personal Branding -Top 10 Posts from Market Like A Chick

I’ve put together what I feel are 10 of the most popular posts (or ones that may have been missed) from the last few months of Market Like A Chick.  You’ll find tips and feelings on Marketing, Social Media and Personal Branding.  Take a few minutes to check some of these out…and please be sure to bookmark for later reference. Keep Reading...

August 12, 2009   3 Comments

4 Female Traits That Build Rock Solid Marketing Confidence

Do you cringe at the thought of trying to convince someone they should buy from you? Keep Reading...

June 9, 2009   10 Comments

How To Use Twitter Chat To Establish Yourself As An Authority In Your Niche

With the fast paced and diverse messages constantly being sent over the Twitter feed how do you narrow down the conversation to discuss and focus on your niche?   The challenge is not i, n finding what is hot on Twitter right now, but in how to create a buzz around your brand or niche and position yourself as a leading authority in that trend.  By using simple #hashtags, creating live chat room events and promoting your chat you can do just that.

The chat room is your platform and soapbox, so to speak, that you will use to share your expertise in a more controlled environment.  Your goal is to the establish yourself as the Leader by providing the largest amount of relevant interaction and knowledge on the subject at hand. Much like you see top commenters on blog posts, your Twitter name will be seen as top contributor on tracking sites or Twitter search and will position you as the authority while providing name recognition.  Follow these simple steps to begin: [Read more →]

June 3, 2009   10 Comments

The Shift of Brand Equity To Sweat Equity Via Social Media

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” – George S. Patton

Times are changing for business building and business branding.  No longer does a business need 40 years to build their image, their cherished slogans, or their customer loyalty and word of mouth advertising.  No longer do business owners need to desperately hope to get past  gatekeepers for prominent TV Executives, Radio Station Directors and Newspaper Editors.  Now, we have Social Media.

We are living in the day and age where we can personally deliver the message ourselves and the cost to build brand equity has switched to sweat equity, it’s not about dollars and cents. If you are just catching on to the the social media craze you had better buckle up, because you are about to embark on a crash course in the power of what Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV calls “word of mouth on steroids”! [Read more →]

May 28, 2009   11 Comments