5 Online Resources For Finding Women’s News

It’s important to know what’s being said about women, how our gender is being reflected in society and business, and to have the ability to interpret and spread the news. Today’s Women To Watch post consists of my 5 online resources for women entrepreneurs that I’ve found helpful in keeping up to date on who’s who and what’s what in all things for women entrepreneurs, social media and business.

Woman To Watch – Holly Hanna of The Work At Home Woman

Holly Hanna

Holly Hanna

Today marks the first official “Wednesday’s Women To Watch” post and I’m excited to start it off with such an inspiring lady as Holly Hanna. Holly has built a wonderful network for women earning their living from home and given them many resources and opportunities to learn from one another.

Sex In Marketing – Calling The Pot Black

Sex in Marketing

Sex in MarketingSo today, my friends, we talk about sex. Not the actual act of sex, but the subject of sex and how women are affected by the mention of the word in business or blogging. It should be interesting.

Featured On Market Like A Chick: YOU!


Does your passion lie in giving women a creative, supportive and “smart” community to launch and sustain their businesses?  Here’s your chance to share your social and business mojo as a Featured Guest on Market Like A Chick. There will be several ways to be featured and become a part of our community of super […]

Passion In Marketing – 10 Tips Kreesha Turner Can Teach You


Everyone is passionate about something. Without a passion for your business or niche your marketing plan just becomes another j-o-b. Here are 10 tips Kreesha Turner’s lyrics may inspire you to put more passion in your marketing…

20 Best Marketing and Social Media Blogs by Women

women online marketing

Over the last year I have learned a great deal from women in the field of marketing, social media, branding and enterpreneurship. While there are many female thought leaders in the marketing industry that I may have missed, this list contains the women that have made a difference in my life, my viewpoint, and continue to lead the way for women in business.

How To Build An Online Marketing Strategy When Marketing to Women


There are millions of online shoppers eager to buy products and services, but only a few of them will be your target market. If your target market is women, you should really consider a multi-channel online marketing strategy that will drive qualified traffic to your website.

Marketing to Mom – 3 Quick Takeaways

New Image

Is marketing to moms your target market? FACT: There are approximately 75 million moms in the US who influence 85% of all household purchases. In fact, moms spend approximately 2 trillion dollars each year. That’s enough right there to make you stop and realize just WHY brands are flocking to mom bloggers.

How To Build Your Value In Social Media


If you have been in social media or online marketing for any amount of time, chances are that you have heard people talking about “branding yourself” or “building your value”.