CommentLuv vs Disqus – Which Blog Commenting System Is Better?

I am considering switching my commenting system back to CommentLuv and am weighing the features and benefits to decide if it’s a better choice than Disqus.   I’ve done a quick review of both the CommentLuv and Disqus commenting platforms to help make a qualified decision on which should be used on my blog and I would appreciate any feedback from you on your experiences or opinions on either.

First of all I guess we have to ask ourselves what is so important about blog commenting in the first place.

Why Comment?

There are quite a few reasons to comment on blogs, such as deeper interaction with other bloggers, promoting yourself as an authority on a topic, and SEO benefits by building incoming links to your own blog.  All bloggers want more comments on their blogs.  It’s a sign of appreciation and like shaking an outstretched hand, which is what I said on Jeff Machado’s article discussing why commenting on blogs will always dominate being active on Twitter.

Jeff said it perfectly here:

Commenting on blogs, on the other hand, allow for streamlined dialogue on a focused topic. You don’t have to worry about anyone telling you you’re Tweeting too much and clogging up their Twitter stream. You can go back and forth and genuinely have a conversation with the blogger whose post you found compelling enough to comment on. Every blog post is an invitation to delve deeper into the topic while a Retweet is just a recognition that the topic exists.

So, you can see commenting is the lifeblood of a blog and therefore the commenting system is pretty important.  But, which one is best?

Pros of CommentLuv and Disqus

Both systems have their loyal followers and obvious benefits.  I began my blog with CommentLuv but switched to Disqus after having some technical difficulties.  Now that I’ve had Disqus a while I’ve also had a few gliches, so go figure.  Here’s my take on the two:

CommentLuv Plugin

  • CommentLuv isits the site of the comment author while they type their comment and retrieve a selection of their last blog post and includes it at the bottom of their comment when they click submit.  This is great publicity for your blog, showing not just your blog title, but what you’re writing about.
  • It has a great community that is very supportive.  Many of the CommentLuv users will band together to comment on each other’s blogs. There is even a list of 132 CommenLuv Blogs by niche that was put together to promote comments.  I don’t see that so much with Disqus.
  • Because many of the CommentLuv users also have a “do follow” policy on their comment links the comment author may receive a little link love for their blog.  I also have a “do follow” policy here, but I use the WordPress plugin NoFollow Free which gives the “do follow” link only after leaving 3 comments.  This eliminates link juice going to spammers.
  • In addition to the CommentLuv plugin they also have the option of adding KeywordLuv to your commenting.  This allows the comment author to use their keywords as anchor text with their name when commenting. Even more SEO benefit.

Disqus Comment Management

  • Disqus allows you to track peoples comments across the blogosphere. You can see what the commenters here are saying on other blogs and which blogs they are most active on.
  • You can “rate” other commenters which will move their comments move to the top of the discussion. This is great if you comment a lot and people like your input because it makes you more of an authority voice.
  • You can log into your own Disqus profile to track where you’ve been commenting.  Ever commented on a blog then wanted to go back and check it again but forgot where it was?  Maybe it’s just me, but I am all over the place and sometimes I forget to bookmark or realize later that I want to quote the article.  I used this today to find Jeff’s article.
  • Automatically threads your comments for you.  I am not sure if CommentLuv does that or not.  From what I remember, I had to add a threaded comments plugin when I had CommentLuv installed.  I like a clean and flowing conversation.
  • Allows you to share your comment on Twitter or Facebook.  I do a lot of marketing with social media and love the benefits of word of mouth.  Disqus automatically adds the share feature to easily click and tweet your comment.

Downside of CommentLuv or Disqus

There are only a couple things that I’d consider a downside of either commenting system, but off the top of my head here’s what I’ve got:

  • CommentLuv is a little more difficult to install and get running.  For instance, if I wanted to add the feature that shows the Twitter username for a commenter I would have to tweak some coding inside my theme to have it work.  Yuk…me no likey coding.
  • Disqus has more hoops to jump through for a first time commenter to leave a comment.  You have to register, create a profile, and/or add your blog URL in order for your name or blog to be linked to.  If you just register but don’t add the rest of your information, when someone clicks on your name they are taken to your Disqus profile where all they see are the other comments you have left.  If you want to attract more blog comments you want it to be simple.

And, I guess my biggest hesitation to revert back to CommentLuv is that I’m not sure what will happen with all the comments I have on my blog right now.  I definitely don’t want to lose them.  Comments are content to your blog, so relevant comments can add more keywords for Google to crawl and understand what your blog is about.

Wait…I take my earlier statement back.

The BIGGEST hesitation for me to revert back to CommentLuv is that it calls for me to do some coding.  If someone can convince me that it will be super easy it may be all it takes for me to switch.  Maybe not.

Will you help me?  Please leave your comments and opinions on your experience with either commenting system.  Which do you prefer and why?

To Your Success,


  1. David Schlesinger says

    I use Disqus most places, and I've been pretty happy with it. I'm not sure CommentLuv is worth the extra effort for me. On the other hand, if someone could come up with a good system that worked more-or-less like Disqus, but also offered both threaded commenting and the ability to use some basic HTML styles, I'd be very interested in that…

  2. Coree says

    What would be really nice is if CommentLuv worked WITH Disqus so we could have the threaded comments, the tracking, but also had the SEO benefits.

    I think the SEO is the main reason I'm thinking of switching. I like the fact that CommentLuv offers commenters the benefit of showing their last blog to help with PR. I also think this factor will attract more comments to my blog.

  3. Dave Doolin says

    You write code too, eh?

    I”ve written a fair bit myself, which is why I currently write as little as possible!

    The writing is easy, it's all that maintenance.

    I'm with you on Disqus, I'd change in flash if they offered commentluv capability.

    In the meantime, I copy comments I like to Posterous or Amplify so that I can use them later for blog posts.

  4. Coree says

    Thanks Dave…appreciate you dropping by!

    Me code? Well, not exactly…when I say “code” I mean I might have to copy & paste some snippet into one of my blog files which also means I need to know where to paste it. I have learned a lot from trial and error, but it's not something I enjoy at all. For instance, that .htaccess file that had my site down…I know it's that, and how to put a band aid on it, but not how to actually fix it.

    That being said, I am pretty sure I'll bite the bullet and CommentLuv will be back on my site by tomorrow. I have noticed a significant drop in amount of comments since switching to Disqus. So, this will be a good test to see if it's that or if something else.

    Maybe I'm missing it by not asking enough questions, or my content is not engaging enough, maybe I'm not networking with the right niche that needs my content. Could be a lot of things, but either way, I think the link love is the way to go.

    I have an Amplify account but haven't used it yet. S0, when someone leaves you a comment you copy that or are you saying you copy comments that you've left somewhere else? Can you give an example of how you used a comment for a later post?

  5. Dave Doolin says

    Fasten yr seatbelt:

    Engagement: The internet, blogging especially, is no respecter of persons. One of the worst writers I know has a gift for engagement, while one of the best writers I know struggles mightily.

    It's the beauty and the curse.

    I'm liking it because it smashes the playing field flat. Education, credentials and offline mojo mean squat.

    When you're just starting out, CommentLuv can be pretty cool. The danger is you may get wrapped in the engagement and forget to close sales.

    • Coree says

      Now, see…this is just awesome!! I love working examples that show me how & why. Since I did switch back to CommentLuv I’ll give this a shot. Thanks for sharing a cool way to use Amplify and Posterous…very sweet indeed.

      I look at the Internet playing field like working for a brand new small business start-up. Because the company is still inventing their wheel they are willing to take on employees that may have less distinguished schooling but show potential. Those employees are allowed to grow with the company, prove their ingenuity, and have the opportunity to establish themselves as a master in their field from their hands on successes…something that doesn’t come from a book or a classroom.

      Engagement will always be important to me because my readers are my blog’s lifeblood. Without you I am just talking to air. I think closing sales comes from offering products or services that your readers want or need. If you don’t know your audience, how will you know what they need? If we’re still maintaining a position of authority while building a trusting relationship, when we do recommend or offer a product, sales will close much faster.

      There’s a pretty interesting conversation going on discussing engagement vs sales on James’ site Infopreneur. Lots of ProBloggers giving their 2 cents. I’m sure you’re familiar, Dave, since it was inspired by one of your posts. :)

      • Dave Doolin says

        I’m planning on doing quite a bit more linking between Posterous, Amplify, Tumblr and Website In A Weekend. Each has peculiar strengths, and draws a certain type of adherent.

        I’m also looking a little further out, for when WP starts to fade in importance. What’s the next thing coming? How are we going to organize our sales chain and traffic? No way to know. For now, be everywhere.

        • Coree says

          Now that I see what you’re doing with the Amplify and Posterous linking it really makes sense. You have some good points. No one knows what the next new shiny thing is going to be so we would be smart to keep an eye on everything. Although I get a lot of traffic from Twitter, it’s never good to rely too heavily on once source…have to always keep learning and exploring. So, thanks for sharing the goods on how you use some of your networks!

  6. Sire says

    Personally I love comment luv and I hate Disqus. In fact I dislike it so much that I am getting to a point where I check which comment form bloggers are using before reading the post. If they are using Disqus I don’t bother reading it and just move on.

    • Coree says

      Well, I don’t “hate” Disqus, but it is not very commenter friendly, I will say that. Lots of people won’t jump through the hoops to register, fill in info, etc, just to leave a comment. It’s gotta be easy and worth their while.

      Kind of scary to think someone would leave without even reading a post because of the commenting platform. Why do you feel that way?

      • Sire says

        It’s more a time factor than anything else. You said it yourself, people don’t like going through all the hoops to leave a comment. If I’m not going to leave a comment why would I read the post?

  7. Monica Dennis says

    Well, as someone who is not on WordPress (yet) and therefore not using either (yet) I’ll be very curious to see how this goes. I am looking for a VA to help me make the move to WordPress and this will be their thing anyway. I’m not going to want to deal with it. So far, it seems like it’s what’s easy for your users vs what’s easy for you, no? (I just started commenting automatically. Didn’t read everyone else yet, so forgive me if I am repeating something.) The CommentLuv is good for your commenters and Disqus makes it easy for YOU to find people? I may be oversimplifying, but I kinda need to do that to decide things so hmmm. I wonder which way you’ll go! I can’t recall if I commented directly on your blog or not in the past so I can’t recall jumping through hoops. Guess I’ll find out when I hit send if I did or not! :-)

    • Coree says

      You’ve nailed it pretty well. CommentLuv benefits the commenters because it gives them the linking benefit, shows their last blog post, and doesn’t require them to register before commenting. Disqus does have the widget you can install (mine is still up, but coming down soon) that shows top & recent commenters, so that gives the commenter some love too. But, you can use CommentLuv and add plugins that do the same thing.

      It really wasn’t hard to switch at all…but, I haven’t played with the design at all yet. I’d like to add the box for commenters to leave their Twitter name and I know that requires me adding a small script or code somewhere. That’s the stuff I don’t like. :(

      • Katrina Moody says

        You need a follow-up post to tell the rest of us coding ‘fraidy-cats exactly how to go about doing the coding you are talking about there. *I hate coding*

        Great discussion – I was considering if using CommentLuv was the best choice but I really do feel like it is! This post helped me feel a whole lot better about that decision!

        How did you do that twitter box *is very jealous!*

  8. Monica Dennis says

    So I submitted with no issue! Yay! I guess I did sign up before, but I don’t remember it being a pain. What you are using now lets me edit my post though. Always loved that. Do they both let you do that?

    • Coree says

      Well, I switched to CommentLuv, so you don’t have to register. :)

      I use the Ajax Edit Posts plugin so you can fix your comments after hitting the submit button. It’s great! I hate it when I submit a comment on someone else’s blog and then see I made a goof and can’t edit it!

  9. Louise Collier says

    Hey Coree!

    I use CommentLuv with a plugin called ‘TwitterLink Comments’ which enables people to put their Twitter handle in an extra box, so no coding required – it all seems fine so far!

    • Coree says

      Hi Louise! Thanks for the plugin tip…I just installed it! I love stuff that makes my life easier. :)

  10. Susan Barr says

    What luck to find your post today! I was researching Disqus and CommentLuv today trying to decide whether or not to drop Disqus and move to CommentLuv so you helped me decide. I wish the two could work together but in lieu of that option, I am moving to CommentLuv – for me its all about making it easier for my readers.

    Thanks for starting the discussion.

  11. Printing solutions says

    Great post! I learn so much from visiting other blogs and watching videos. It is important to sign up for both Discus and Comment Luv regardless of which one you use on your blog.

    • Vampie says

      Correct you are.
      It is good to have both accounts, so that you can use any of them, regardless what commenting system the blog uses?

  12. Gail from GrowMap says

    Very soon there will be almost separate blogging communities based on what we choose to use and our particular style of blogging. Which you select will determine who your readers and commentators are and who recommends you (or doesn’t).

    I can guarantee that the bloggers in the DoFollow CommentLuv KeywordLuv community get far more comments and interact much more in their blogs. I offer this as proof: visit any of the blogs I link to on the KeywordLuv post I’ll link to this comment.

    Then visit some highly popular sites like Louis has ten times more subscribers than I do (21,705 versus 2174) and uses IntenseDebate. My posts have dozens to hundreds of comments on them. His have a few to maybe a few dozen sometimes.

    He gets far more trackbacks, Tweets, and incoming links than I do and is far better known. This is only one example though. Start paying attention to how many comments CommentLuv bloggers have compared to how many appear in blogs that use Disqus or IntenseDebate. The difference is VERY obvious.

    • Coree says

      Agreed, Gail. I can see a whole different community involved with the CommentLuv plugin than with Disqus. I haven’t installed the KeywordLuv plugin yet, but am considering doing that this week. I’ve also noticed that blogs using CommentLuv have increased their Alexa ranking much faster. I have plenty of followers on Twitter, but what really matters is how successful my blog is, not my Twitter profile. By using CommentLuv & beginning a commenting strategy to build links I am planning on seeing a much better ranking.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  13. Mitch says

    I’m a lot like Sire, and both of us have written about our disdain for Disqus and other services like it. I love CommentLuv, and I did add the threaded plugin, although supposedly with the newer versions of WP it’s supposed to automatically be there (I have 3 blogs, and it was only present on one until I changed themes, so I assume it has something to do with themes); been with CommentLuv for 2 years now.

    I wouldn’t have anything that kept people from wanting to comment if they so chose; just asking, but when you look at this post and how many comments you have, is this higher than what you used to get with Disqus?

    • Coree says

      Hi Mitch…I agree it doesn’t make sense to have anything that would hinder a visitor from leaving a comment. I had a few people tell me they were not able to leave comments when I had Disqus installed. It was probably because they were not registered, but I never did figure out what the problem was.

      I have the threaded comments plugin installed, as well, because I was not seeing it happen on it’s own even with the latest WP version. As far as number of comments, it depends on the post. I’ve had quite a few comments on some popular posts when I had Disqus, but not on the ones I’ve worked hardest on. It’s usually the controversial or funny ones (which always helps) that would get comments. However, this post has had more feedback for a longer amount of time.

      I think once other CommentLuv lovers realize I have the plugin installed and as I focus my commenting on blogs with the plugin that I will begin to see many more comments on my posts. It’s like building a new community all over again. I still believe it’s good to comment on the larger well known blogs like Chris Brogan or Copyblogger that do not have the plugin because it’s good exposure. But more time will be spent engaging on CommentLuv blogs now and I imagine that’s how many people in the ComLuv community feel.

  14. Nick Unsworth says

    I’m in the midst of making the comment plugin decision and this post was VERY helpful. I think I’m going with the Luv because it’s a tad bit easier and also hooks people up with a little blog link luv.

    Many thanks,


  15. Naren Ubi says

    CommentLuv is no frills, it just does what it’s designed to do. Disqus adds a lot of functionality, but ‘m not sure if it’s driving any new traffic outta those. However, I’m sure commentluv will be driving in more traffic – practically speaking.

  16. Link Building says

    Both Keyword Luv and Comment Luv are best way to attract visitors and commuters, increase discusses. You are right to choose the tools

  17. linkmoko says

    I love comment luv and I hate Disqus. In fact I dislike it so much that I am getting to a point where I check which comment form bloggers are using before reading the post.

  18. linkmoko says

    Nice writeup, I think at this point, many of the comment services are starting to provide very similar functionality. Disqus has been pretty good about leading the thinking, and it’s natural for other services to begin delivering on what their users liked about Disqus. So that’s why in the coming weeks, we’re going to make it much easier for people to decide the better service for them. The new features in the coming release should be compelling enough and I really hope you’ll find them useful as well.

  19. Eksy says

    Personally, I like Comment Luv because its optional.
    With Disqus, you need to be logged in, and before I finally made my own account, I felt a little annoyed I had to take all of these extra steps to share my thoughts.
    Now, that isn’t an issue, but others that still don’t have Disqus will probably feel the same way I first did and move on.

  20. Tim says

    I’m currently struggling with this same question. I’ve been using commentluv for quite some time but have also enjoyed using Disqus since finally registering an account. Like you said, a system like Disqus CAN be a deterrent for unregistered visitors.

    It looks like you are back to CommentLuv. Why’d you switch back and was it very difficult after all?

  21. Tim says

    I’ve been trying to debate between these same two commenting systems. I’m actually hoping they can someday play nicely together.

    What made you switch back to CommentLuv? Was it as difficult as you thought it might be?

  22. Al Spaulding says

    great post on commentluv. i experimented with both discus and commentluv before settling on commentluv. It is definitely more user friendly.

  23. Kesha@st. louis website design says

    Hey guys, I’m one of those Disqus users because I liked the layout and threaded commenting. I didn’t know anything about commentluv or keywordluv at the time. I’ve been wanting to change because of reasons most of you have mentioned (better for commenters and SEO) but don’t want anything to complicated for myself either.

    1. If you’ve moved from disqus to commentluv, do you lose your comments you have thus far?

    2. I’m assuming you can’t have both installed correct?

    • Emmalina says

      No, you won’t lose any comments once you uninstall Disqus. You’ll just lose the pretty interface! I also began using it for the threaded comments, but WP has since been updated to incorporate that anyway.

      CommentLuv doesn’t work with Disqus, unfortunately.

      • Kesha Brown says

        Thanks Emmalina! I am going to change to commentluv as well today or tomorrow when I get a few moments…you’ve eased my mind on the transition process! :-)

  24. givejonadollar says

    I appreciate this article. I’m having a heck of a time getting the word out on my site. I do comment on quite a few blogs, but rarely do I get many incoming hits, and my site is too “niche” to do many link trades with.

    So, my search to see if Disqus was “do follow” led me here, but I read they use a AJAX system and do not offer much link juice. I was going to join the “do follow” movement, but I might need to install commentluv to do so.

    Thanks for the article!

  25. Emmalina says

    Thanks for the advice. I wasn’t getting as many comments as I would have liked out of Disqus, with a lot of readers saying that they were unable to comment or even load the comments at all. I decided this morning to switch to DoFollow/CommentLuv…we’ll see how it goes!


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