Free Download of Intentional Meditation Worksheet

We all have limited time available to us in any given day and the best usage of that time is easily squandered away if we do not have clear intentions.  By committing to form the habit of intentional meditation and visualizing our desired outcomes we are paving new paths in our mindset that will become easier to follow with each day.

One of the most important actions and emotions we must implement is gratitude for every sign or manifestation towards the accomplishment of our goal.  Often times, those signs are overlooked and we lose confidence in our intentions because we are not seeing results to keep us inspired.

This format was created originally as a personal tool—simple in concept and format but powerful if used consistently—to help make sure that we know our intentions and track our results to remain in an attitude of gratitude and inspiration.

As promised, I have finally posted the worksheet template to help us track progress of our meditation and visualization commitment. As your gift you can receive your free printable template for the Intention & Manifestation Worksheet by subscribing below:

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Identify Prioritized Intentions:

Use the Priorities Worksheet to list current goals, emotions, and manifestations of your desired outcome as they come to you.. These can be personal goals, work goals, career goals, or a mix. To decide which are your top priorities, first list all of them and then decide where you want to focus most of your energy. Then choose where you would next focus if #1 were on track.

For each priority area, fill out the following:

  • Intention, Stated as a Desired Outcome. Be Specific! What is it that you want to achieve?
  • Emotion Attached: What emotion do you feel when you see yourself with your intention fully achieved in your life?  See yourself as already in that position of having what you desire.  Notice how your body feels, are you excited, thrilled, happy, grateful, energized?  Attach the strongest emotion to the intention when you are meditating on this and FEEL yourself in the emotion as you visualize yourself achieving your desire.
  • Date: By when do you intend to accomplish this? Give yourself a time goal to ensure action.
  • Brain Food: Our brains sometimes need a logical sign of attainability to believe this miracle can be accomplished in our lives. What prior personal or borrowed victory have you experienced that you can feed your brain to tell it that this intention is attainable? Another powerful source is scripture or favorite quotes.  Your faith in the Source promising victory is powerful.

Generate Ideas and Track Manifestations:

Use the Ideas and Manifestations Worksheet to track the inspired ideas, guidance, or direction you receive in your meditation time. Don’t try to think of these on your own while meditating, instead relax, find that peaceful place and let them quietly come to you.  These are inspired and come from your spirit rather than your logic.  Throughout the day take notice of the small signs or manifestations that you experience which line up with your desired outcome.  Write them down right away, even if they seem slightly insignificant at the time.  Follow your intuition.

Act on the ideas, record progress, and assess your path:

Sit down periodically (at least every other week) to review your Ideas and Manifestations Worksheets and note your progress. If you find yourself not making progress, spend more time in a quiet state of mind and allow yourself time to free yourself of chatter.  As you become more aware of your inner guidance system you will find it easier to see the manifestations taking place each day.

If you have any questions or feedback on the worksheet, please feel free to leave a comment or email me directly from the contact page.  I would be happy to hear your suggestions and your progress!  We are here to support each other in our growth, so please don’t hesitate to tell us your accomplishments or other tips to help out.

To Your Success,