Women To Watch – Natalie Sisson, Founder of WomanzWorld and Co-Founder of Connection Point Systems

natalie sisson

The technology industry has sadly been lacking women based start-ups, but in our Women to Watch interview today you will meet Natalie Sisson, self described Evolutionary Entrepreneur. Natalie is the Co-Founder and brainchild behind Fundrazr – the Facebook app helping non-profits use social media support their cause, and WomanzWorld an awesome resource for other women entrepreneurs to connect, learn and grow together online.

6 Tips To Writing Publicity Friendly Content

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Your blog is craving attention and journalists are starving for new useful information to share with the public. Top quality content attracts publicity, recognition and traffic. Writing content that attracts journalists and backlinks from other bloggers takes a little know how but if you know how to write attention grabbing content for your readers, you’re halfway there.

Single Most Important Thing A Blogger Needs To Know

all about you

What is the single most important thing to know when you are writing a blog? Is it the technical experience to design and troubleshoot your theme and website? Or maybe a degree in journalism so you can write properly formatted article? Those may both be nice to know but the single most important thing in creating loyal readership for your blog is this:

5 Steps To Rekindle Missed Opportunities

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How many times have you let an opportunity fall off your radar, or worse, completely missed an opportunity because you didn’t take the time to ponder the possibilities with a contact? Don’t write those off as lost opportunities so fast.

Social Media Policies and Compliance Software For Businesses

Social Media Policy Generator

More businesses are beginning to realize the power of marketing with social media and the real time benefits of social CRM on sites like Twitter. However, along with the benefits come concerns regarding compliance, reputation management and employee productivity.

Time Saving Article Templates For Creating Fresh Content

Creating Fresh Content

A great way to overcome article writer’s block is by using templates. You can take a template and use it to churn out articles on any topic or niche. Below are three of the most commonly used templates used in article writing.