Women To Watch – Rebecca Orlov, Co-Founder of Blog Out Loud

Today’s Woman To Watch article features the very busy and very talented female entrepreneur, Rebecca Orlov, Co-Founder of Blog Out Loud. Rebecca understands social media and has helped brands build their communities online and off by teaching how to engage with blogging and events

Her success has taken her beyond Blog Out Loud and has now inspired her to launch another new venture which she will tell you about.  One thing’s for sure…Rebecca stays busy!  Check out her fantastic interview below.

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To start off, Rebecca, could you please describe what you do and how you earn your living?

Sure, I am digital consultant, writer and producer. I had a 10-year career in advertising, producing broadcast campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and transitioned a year ago to full-time design blogging and digital consulting with lifestyle brands. I contribute to popular home network Apartment Therapy;  edit my shelter blog: loving. living. small;  co-founded Blog Out Loud and am writing for a soon-to-be design website for Williams – Sonoma Inc. that is launching in March.

And I am excited to announce my brand new company, Sweetline Agency, that is getting ready to open it’s digital doors in just a few days. Sweetline is an online brand project management company that helps lifestyle brands and companies define, concept and build their full online presences. This includes the editorial voice, adopting social media and designing and building the website and social media communities.

What most influenced you to launch your business?

I am passionate about creativity and I’m inspired every day by design, color, texture and style. I have always connected with creative people and noticed early last year that many small business owners weren’t utilizing the web to build and market their biggest brand – their own company! And I can understand why – many small business owners don’t know where to begin, who to work with or think it’s super expensive to get their online presence up and running. I am here to help.

The inspiration for launching Sweetline was initially ignited by Blog Out Loud, the community I co-founded last June that encourages creative people to engage in social media, to connect to community and enhance their businesses through offline events, webisodes and a blog. The amazing response from Blog Out Loud combined with the my years of branding/production/marketing at a large firm inspired me to start Sweetline, a creative, affordable and collaborative company that any small business owner can enjoy and benefit from.

Why do you think the female factor is so important in today’s economy and business world?

Most women inherently possess traits that lend themselves to nurturing and guidance and – when connected to other like-minded women – a momentum and buzz seems to happen. Having a trusted community of like-minded women provides a sense of security, strength and motivation. To me, this is why social media networks are so inspiring and relevant. I personally follow many female entrepreneurs and creative innovators (like Coree, that’s how I e-met her!) because of their strength, clear message and unspoken nurturing.

Have you used the marketing concept of tribes in your business?  Do you feel this concept can help other female entrepreneurs in their business pursuits?

I love the idea of having a place for like-minded people to connect. My success with tribes was forming one – Blog Out Loud. I saw that there wasn’t something like it and that people were looking for it. So, yes, I have used this idea of creating a tribe and definitely feel that this concept can help other female entrepreneurs. If you are passionate about your business, niche, industry, products, clients – and want to expand further on this – create a place for yourself and other people that are just as interested.

The 3rd Blog Out Loud presents “Belong: Building The Advertising Blog Community” from Blog Out Loud on Vimeo.

How do you use social media for your business?

I use social media 2 ways:

1) I have set up my own social media communities for my design blogs and Sweetline. I enjoy chatting to followers and sharing my thoughts about design, social media and web presence.

2) I engage in like-minded communities. I love following brands, companies and people that are appealing and interesting and, of course, that I relate to.

For my own networks, I use social media by blogging and using Twitter, in particular, Twitter lists. I have set up an editorial schedule for the Sweetline blog (that’s just getting started!) and I tweet once a day for all of them. I carve out about 30 minutes each morning to do all of this work since, yes, it does take time!! But it’s worth it!

What aspect of social media have you found to be the most help and/or most hindrance to your business?

I really do love Twitter and use it in many ways. Sure, I tweet, RT and DM but I also use Twitter as a search engine. It’s such a cool way to hear what people are talking about – right now! Whether it’s a broad topic like “interior design” or a specific item like “social media e-Books”, I can read right away what’s going on, how people are talking about these things and, most likely, find a new interesting person to follow and connect with.

Have you had a mentor and if so, how has that helped you?

Yes, I have a mentor and I have mentored. I absolutely love the experience of both! I definitely recommend embracing a mentor. For me, I really just enjoy the experience and opportunity to connect with a trusted person that supports and encourages me AND tells me like it is! We all need a little of that!

What would you say is the single biggest reason for your success?

Positive attitude is definitely the foundation for my success. I’ve always been someone that goes for it and keeps it real. My parents taught me this at an early age and I live by the idea to just do it! If it doesn’t work out, hey, at least you know that you gave it a shot and you were true to yourself. And, usually during this time, another interesting door will open. Trust me!

If you could step back in time to when you were just starting out, what advice would you give yourself knowing what you know now?

This is a great question! If I could go back in time, I would encourage (ok, actually push, force, wrangle) myself to leave my last career sooner and get going on my current one. I was in the advertising world for over ten years and, although I loved many parts of it, I had wanted to move on for quite a long time. I love what I am doing now so much that I wish I had transitioned into working with great people on their online presences sooner. But I am here now and that’s what counts!

Can you share with us any plans or lifetime goals (personal or business) that we can look forward to from you?

My current business plans are to give Sweetline the love, focus and attention it deserves and enjoy doing it! This work is also very much an experience and I am excited to collaborate with amazing brands and companies. I am hoping to establish Sweetline as a real gem and go-to place for small lifestyle brands and I hope that my clients really enjoy the online presence experience.

My current life plan is to continue to be positive and always to embrace new things. In the last year, I had some unexpected life changes that I chose to embrace rather than regard as defeat. Wow, did this shape where I am today – for the better!

What is the best way for our readers to learn more about you or contact you for more information?

I have a few different ways to connect and I hope to meet many of you!!

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Thanks so much for sharing all your successes and creative genius with us, Rebecca!  I’m looking forward to checking out Sweetline Agency when you go live, so be sure to let us know!

To Your Success,

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