Social Bookmarking For Backlinks

A common misconception of newcomers to social bookmarking is that all posts you bookmark receive a backlink to the original source.  While the link used on a bookmarking site may provide traffic it does not necessarily mean that the link is a “DoFollow” link providing any SEO benefit to the source.

To receive the SEO benefit along with the traffic you must use social bookmarking sites that have a DoFollow policy.

If you’re not familiar with how social bookmarking works, check out the series I posted on Social Bookmarking 101: What Is It and How Does It Work.  The basic idea behind social bookmarking is the ability to store, index and search all of your favorite articles you’ve found while searching the web.

Like any new skill you’re learning when marketing with social media, once you get the basics down you can begin learning learning new ways to use them to benefit yourself.  If you are a blog owner one of your biggest tasks is building quality backlinks to your blog to improve your search engine ranking.

Most social bookmarking networks will require you to register, then once you have, you are able to submit links to those networks. If you are selective about using DoFollow bookmarking networks then those links will be DoFollow links back to your site.

Spend some time creating profiles on DoFollow social bookmarking sites.  What I would suggest is creating a short template to save time.  Since some of the networks will allow backlinks from your profile description, use your keywords as your anchor text.  For instance, if you are aiming to have your site ranked for content marketing, in your profile description word it so you are hotlinking your keyword phrase “content marketing” and not just your blog title.  I chose several of my most popular articles to link back to when writing my descriptions.

You might want to even create two templates…one html ready with your links and one without.  Not all networks will allow links from your profile and some will require you to use your own html tags. (“a href”).  So, be prepared and make it easier for yourself.

Once you have your profiles created remember to now use those sites to begin submitting your articles and reap the benefits of your work.  Do keep in mind that some networks do not take kindly when you link ONLY to your own site, so be kind and remember to bookmark other interesting articles from other sites.

The best list of DoFollow social bookmarking sites I have found was put together on DoFollow.Info where you can also find some other great resources on DoFollow techniques.  This list give descriptions of the networks and where you will find the DoFollow linking.  I suggest bookmarking this page because you may not make it through all of the sites in one sitting.

Good luck in your social bookmarking for backlinks strategy.  If you have any other tips, comments or questions please share them below.  All your feedback is appreciated and we learn from one another.

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  1. Cliff Allen says

    Good tips and advice on dealing with “nofollow” and the dofollow sites that allow value to be passed along.

    I agree that is the best resource I’ve found, too — it’s at the top of my DoFollow bookmarks.

  2. Dennis Edell | Direct Sales Marketing says the best, I just wish she hadn’t chosen the .info extension.

  3. Mel says

    Hi Coree
    I never knew how to tell if a site was No Follow or Do Follow so it’s great to have the list that you linked to. Will check them out in my spare time :)
    Thanks a million

  4. Printing solutions says

    Social bookmark submissions are a WONDERFUL method of traffic, quality backlinks and more. I usually do social bookmark submissions a day and submit with some fantastic social bookmark submissions software.

  5. Printing solutions says

    If your content is worthwhile it can explode your backlinks AND your traffic. Just be original with your content and make your headline and description make readers want to read more.


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