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The Peter Pan Guide To Setting New Year’s Resolutions

Do you start every new year with a list of resolutions?  How’s that been working out for ya?  Do you dread making resolutions because of the guilt you’ve held onto from past years where you’ve abandoned those goals?  It’s time to break free of that nonsense and begin to dream again.

Some of you know that I am a Peter Pan fanatic.  There are great lessons to be learned from Peter Pan’s life of adventure that can teach us the power of imagination.  You can start your new year with goals, but it’s much better to have dreams.  Peter believed in dreams and he showed us how to attain them if we look past the cute story and listen.

Here are two powerful lessons to take away from Peter’s story:

Refuse to Grow Up

As children our imaginations can see us doing the impossible because we have not been taught that it IS impossible.  Our innocence allows us to dream of being a beautiful ballerina, a superhero that can fly, or the worlds most talented singer adored by millions.  We don’t stop to let logic sink our dreams.  Peter Pan wasn’t saying he didn’t want to get old, he was saying he refused to let anyone tell him his dreams were impossible.

He was able to produce tangible, touchable, and edible results using his imagination.  One of my favorite scenes from the movie “Hook” was when all the Lost Boys were sitting around the dinner table enjoying their “imaginary” meal.  Peter had forgotten who he was and he sat in despair as he watched the boys devour their meals that he could not see.  It wasn’t until the boys started a food fight that he traded his logic in for the playfulness of a child and then miraculously saw the food appear before his eyes.

Your dreams are the beginning of all ideas, plans and goals that you set for your life.  Imagine if you were never given the mind to dream of new opportunities, new blessings, or exciting adventures.  What a pitiful existence we would have without our imagination.  Yet, so many people have stopped using their imagination to see themselves in their dream life.

We have gotten so caught up in setting the goals, the resolutions and the action plans that we forget to take the time to enjoy the dream of actually living that success.

Think Happy Thoughts

Peter believed all he need to fly was a little pixie dust and some happy thoughts.  He was able to teach Wendy and her brothers how to fly by using his technique.  Peter used his imagination to bring his friend Tinkerbell back to life after drinking the deadly poison intended for him.  “I do believe in fairies.  I do believe in fairies” he chanted as he saw his little pixie friend come back to life.  Ahhh, the power of imagination and affirmations…

Think back to why you set your goals.  Be careful not to attach negative feelings to the goals. If your goal was to lose weight don’t make your why “because I’m too fat”.  Instead, make a list of feel good why’s (happy thoughts).  For instance, if your goal is to lose weight your reasons why could be:

  • I love the way my clothes fit when I am thin
  • I have so much more energy when I am active and healthy
  • I immediately have more self confidence and feel more attractive when I start taking care of myself
  • I enjoy participating in life and never worrying about how my weight may stop me

These are all positive affirmations to surround your reasons why to set your goal to lose weight. What you’re doing is imagining the good feelings that come with your dream.  This way when you think of your goal you are not dreading the thought, but because you’ve associated good feelings with your goal it becomes something you look forward to.

We all like to feel good and our bodies are made to be attracted to that feeling.  We were created to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest.

You can use the Peter Pan technique on any area of your life.  Think of your feel good why’s then list them and spend time enjoying that good feeling of what it will be like to accomplish your dreams.

If your dream is to earn six figures in your business what would  your happy thoughts  look like?  What if your goal was to improve your relationships?  What other lessons can you pull from Peter’s story?

Become childlike in your dreams and aspirations. Believe you can fly. Believe you can perform your dance or song before millions of admirers. Treasure your dreams just as Peter did and have fun with them. Your imagination and your joy is what will take you to those new adventures.

To Your Success,

December 28, 2009   30 Comments