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Stop Waffling! 4 Decision Making Steps That Produce Results

Are you seeing the results you would like in your business or personal life?

Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant.  ~Anthony Robbins

Results are what happens when a firm decision is made and action is taken to implement that decision.  Even though most of us already know this inside, many of us still struggle with making decisions.  A true leader can make the call on what actions need to be taken at any given moment.

So if you are a leader, what’s the fast track to better decision making?

1.  Get Clear On The Decision

That may seem pretty obvious, but a leader always enters a situation with clarity and a keen sense of the outcome they desire.  Get clear on the decision to remove the clutter that would cloud your decision making process. KNOW what you want.

2.  Do Your Homework

Do a little research to define the essential elements you will need.  You might try a simple pro vs con style sheet in those moments where you need a quick decision. For example, if you know you have a conference call where there will be some decisions made around marketing strategy,  or product or service launches, do your homework and become aware of the benefits or drawbacks beforehand.. This helps act as a reference point for decisions.

3.  Avoid The Snowball Effect

Procrastination is your enemy.  The tiniest decision that you put off today can quite easily build up (at least in your mind) from a snowball into an avalanche when you procrastinate.  Don’t let the small stuff become big stuff by procrastinating.

4.  Decide, Act and Tweak

How many times have you made the decision, acted on it and fell flat on your face (or were at least let down) from the results? NEVER consider that a failure!  You are a leader that took the steps necessary, now you pick yourself up and learn from it.  Why do you think Google launches so many Beta programs before they finally release the actual product?  Remember what your mom always used to tell you “practice makes perfect”.  I could probably write the whole article around this one principal it is so important.  Tweak your actions and try it again.  You only fail when you stop trying.

Making firm decisions is the core element that should lead you into taking actions that produce results.   Start today to begin trusting your decisions and stop second guessing yourself.  You’ll never swim to the other side if you don’t first get wet. So what do you need to do to be a better decision maker and achieve better results?

To Your Success,

August 31, 2009   2 Comments