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Social Bookmarking For Backlinks

A common misconception of newcomers to social bookmarking is that all posts you bookmark receive a backlink to the original source.  While the link used on a bookmarking site may provide traffic it does not necessarily mean that the link is a “DoFollow” link providing any SEO benefit to the source.

To receive the SEO benefit along with the traffic you must use social bookmarking sites that have a DoFollow policy.

If you’re not familiar with how social bookmarking works, check out the series I posted on Social Bookmarking 101: What Is It and How Does It Work.  The basic idea behind social bookmarking is the ability to store, index and search all of your favorite articles you’ve found while searching the web.

Like any new skill you’re learning when marketing with social media, once you get the basics down you can begin learning learning new ways to use them to benefit yourself.  If you are a blog owner one of your biggest tasks is building quality backlinks to your blog to improve your search engine ranking.

Most social bookmarking networks will require you to register, then once you have, you are able to submit links to those networks. If you are selective about using DoFollow bookmarking networks then those links will be DoFollow links back to your site.

Spend some time creating profiles on DoFollow social bookmarking sites.  What I would suggest is creating a short template to save time.  Since some of the networks will allow backlinks from your profile description, use your keywords as your anchor text.  For instance, if you are aiming to have your site ranked for content marketing, in your profile description word it so you are hotlinking your keyword phrase “content marketing” and not just your blog title.  I chose several of my most popular articles to link back to when writing my descriptions.

You might want to even create two templates…one html ready with your links and one without.  Not all networks will allow links from your profile and some will require you to use your own html tags. (“a href”).  So, be prepared and make it easier for yourself.

Once you have your profiles created remember to now use those sites to begin submitting your articles and reap the benefits of your work.  Do keep in mind that some networks do not take kindly when you link ONLY to your own site, so be kind and remember to bookmark other interesting articles from other sites.

The best list of DoFollow social bookmarking sites I have found was put together on DoFollow.Info where you can also find some other great resources on DoFollow techniques.  This list give descriptions of the networks and where you will find the DoFollow linking.  I suggest bookmarking this page because you may not make it through all of the sites in one sitting.

Good luck in your social bookmarking for backlinks strategy.  If you have any other tips, comments or questions please share them below.  All your feedback is appreciated and we learn from one another.

To Your Success,

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Marketing, Social Media & Personal Branding -Top 10 Posts from Market Like A Chick

I’ve put together what I feel are 10 of the most popular posts (or ones that may have been missed) from the last few months of Market Like A Chick.  You’ll find tips and feelings on Marketing, Social Media and Personal Branding.  Take a few minutes to check some of these out…and please be sure to bookmark for later reference.

  1. 5 Definite Dont’s When You’re Selling To A Chick – Have you ever been sold by someone that grated on every last nerve you have in your body?  Chances are that if you did buy, it was because you already knew what you wanted before you got there.  In the case of us chicks, we love to shop, but few of us like to be ’sold’. Although this is a blog about marketing to or like a woman, I thought I’d lay out a few things that will shut down a sale to a woman faster than you can say “Sale at Macy’s”.  Some sales experience is handy when marketing and vice versa.  Here are my thoughts on some definite ‘Dont’s…
  2. The Shift of Brand Equity To Sweat Equity Via Social Media –  Times are changing for business building and business branding.  No longer does a business need 40 years to build their image, their cherished slogans, or their customer loyalty and word of mouth advertising.  No longer do business owners need to desperately hope to get past  gatekeepers for prominent TV Executives, Radio Station Directors and Newspaper Editors.  Now, we have Social Media…
  3. Confessions Of A Multitasker And 10 Steps To Recovery – Yes, I admit it. I am an admitted doer-of-14-things-at-once addict. I text, put make up on, and drive at the same time. I read email, schedule conference calls and check Twitter while Googling potential keynote speakers and training subjects in one swoop. I help one kid with homework while scolding another for forgetting his at school, chat with my daughter on the phone, and run the puppy out of the kitchen all while preparing dinner. Is this normal? For most women, yes, it is. We are the masters of multi-tasking. Truth be told, you can’t live in this day and age without having some multi-tasking skills. But…and that’s a big but (ahem, pardon the pun)…by constantly multi-tasking we are cheating ourselves, our kids, and our performance…
  4. What Everybody Ought to Know About Women Marketers – One of the most common questions or comments I get is “So, what is different about the way women market?”  While I will acknowledge that both sexes share some marketing qualities, women have certain traits or characteristics that are built in at birth. All those quirks and obsessions make up your unique business personality and set you up in your own niche. Celebrate your authenticity!  One woman I’ve found to be an inspiration and a leader is Lorrie Thomas, a self-proclaimed “wild web woman” and principal of an all female (and fabulous!) marketing agency…
  5. Content King vs Relationship Queen – Who Wins? –  Is it true that writing great content is still the biggest driving force of traffic to your blog or website?  That could be changing.  As I mentioned before, incoming links are becoming more and more valuable as webmasters and authors realize how important they are to search engine results.   Building relationships, showing link love, and reaching out to top Bloggers is more than half the battle, even for those that have been around for awhile. Jon shares strategies for building those important relationships and getting to know the ‘elite’ ,,,
  6. Social Bookmarking 101 – What Is It and How Does It Work? –  With all the talk about micro-blogging on Twitter or Facebook, there is another side to the coin that you must consider to fully engage in social media marketing.  It’s called Social Bookmarking.This is Part 1 of a series covering all the basics, including how social bookmarking works, how to create the best profile, creating effective bookmarking habits for marketing, and where to find friends…
  7. How To Link Your Blog To Your Facebook Profile With Notes –  Using your blog as your hub is part of a smart and strategic social media marketing plan. I have found that Facebook offers the greatest linking capabilities so far.  Not only can you link your blog in via the Notes Application, but I also use the Facebook Networked Blogs that gives added exposure. I know there are female ‘tech geeks” out there, but I am not one of them!  It takes me a little longer to understand how to do these things than most so I’d like to make it easier for other women if at all possible…
  8. Why Every Blogger Chick Should Have Rock Solid Marketing Confidence – Do you cringe at the thought of trying to convince someone they should buy from you?  I used to think that way.  I used to think that Sales and Marketing were the same thing and it was just some sleazy game that  salespeople played to get your AmEx out of your wallet and into their greedy hands.  They used their secret voodoo  mind games and closing techniques to convince you that you would fail without them.  Well,  I’ve got some good news for my fellow Blogger Chicks…times are changing, baby!…
  9. Top Women Breaking Internet Glass Ceilings –  Recently my friend, Michael Dunlop of Income Diary, posted his list of the 30 Top Female Internet Entrepreneurs.  The list is not organized in any certain order, such as most money made, longest in business, youngest female, etc.  But, rather, is in alphabetical order.  I have to respect Michael for that because he knows that as women, we don’t base the measure of our success on money, power or seniority alone. Success can mean so many things and I suppose everyone holds a different perspective of what true success is.  To me, true success is working on something I enjoy, something that brings a sense of fulfillment and peace, and provides financial freedom with it…
  10. Personal Branding – An Unexpected Discovery – Have you ever been asked a question by someone and you know the only reason they are asking it is because they believe your answer will seem foolish? The person that asked me to summarize my best marketing advice in 140 characters or less had his motives, but what came out of it was the discovery of a marketable skill and a growing trend.  So, what was meant for harm was turned to good, as all things do when you remain honest with yourself and your values. Simply put, it was: “Be true to yourself and who you are in your marketing, online and off. People can see right through any BS even online. You’ll build trust, and trust equals loyalty.” What I said came from my heart, but what I’ve learned since then is that there is a name for my theory that top entrepreneurs and business coaches teach around the world. It’s called Personal Branding and it’s huge..

To Your Success,

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5 Definite Dont’s When You’re Selling To A Chick

August 12, 2009   3 Comments

Are You An Online Litterbug? 3 Simple Habits to Cure Social Bookmark Littering

Are you a slacker?  Do you find yourself beginning projects all over the web only to never return or barely ever look at it again? Don’t be an online litterbug.

Now that you have created profiles on all the social bookmarking networks you’ve already got the hard part out of the way. Now let’s get the ball rollin’ to build yourself a Social Bookmarking empire with these 3 simple daily habits: [Read more →]

July 20, 2009   8 Comments

7 Tips to Rock Your Social Bookmarking Profile

In the last article I went over the basics of what social bookmarking is and how to use it.  In this post we’ll learn what it takes to build a profile that will get you on your way to building a rockin’ bookmarking personality that gets noticed.

Ask Yourself: Who Am I?

I can hear some of you now grumbling about more profiles, popularity contests, and the whole “be my friend so I can be popular like you” mentality.  Unfortunately, we all know that social media can be like a popularity contest whether it would be Twitter or Facebook, and yes…even Digg & Delicious.  The bright side is that once you get one profile set up the best thing you can do is be consistent across the board with your bio, pics, and so forth.  There are social bookmarking tools out there that will automate some of this, but be sure to take a good look at them, and remember there are always free options out there.

7 Tips to Rock Your Social Bookmarking Profile [Read more →]

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Social Bookmarking 101 – What Is It and How Does It Work?

With all the talk about micro-blogging on Twitter or Facebook, there is another side to the coin that you must consider to fully engage in social media marketing.  It’s called Social Bookmarking.

This is Part 1 of a 4 part series covering all the basics, including how social bookmarking works, how to create the best profile, creating effective bookmarking habits for marketing, and where to find friends.

A recent case study was done by Mike Stelzner of White Paper Source, entitled “Social Media Marketing Industry Report: How Marketers Are Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses”.  Marketers were asked which social media tools they most wanted to learn more about. Social bookmarking sites slightly edged out Twitter for the number-one slot with small businesses owners being much more interested in understanding social bookmarking sites than other groups.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Try to look at it just the way you see it…Bookmarking is what you do when you’re on your computer browsing around and you find a website that you want to save or file away for later use, right?  The Social part is that you can now use web based bookmarking to share those saved sites with friends, colleagues, and the world.

To make it a little clearer, think of the difference between using Hotmail or Gmail instead of your Outlook or work-based  email platform.  Generally, Outlook or work-based emails may only be accessible while on your own computer, but web based emails like Gmail or Hotmail can be checked from any computer anytime you can get onlne.  In the same way, with social bookmarking, your bookmarks can be accessed and shared anytime, even when you are not there, because they are stored with an online community like Delicious who then will store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet.

I’ve listed four of my favorite social bookmarking sites below.  We will go over how to create profiles in the next article, but this is just for you to get an idea of what is out there.

  • Delicious
  • Stumble Upon
  • Digg
  • Reddit

How Does It Work

These stored bookmarks can be public, private or shared with only a specific group of users. You can view those bookmarks in different ways: chronologically, by specific criteria, or you can do a search by keyword. You will also usually find that it includes the number of users who have bookmarked it. You can import or export your bookmarks, comment them, rate, leave notes, and email them.

Many social bookmarking services have web feeds you can subscribe to and be notified whenever any new bookmarks are saved, shared, or tagged by other users.


Most of us are used to the traditional way of organizing our bookmarks & files using folders and subfolders.  Tagging has become very popular system to categorize online bookmarks by using “tags”, which are just keywords or  terms associated with this bookmark.  You may still find a few social bookmarking sites using a system of folders and tags, but not many, so tagging is something you will have to get used to and learn to implement.

Bookmarking sites will rate the tags based on how often they are being used and build a hierarchy based on their popularity or relationship to other tags.  You’ll often see a “tag cloud” or a cluster of words grouped together that will show the more popular tags in a larger font.

Beth Kanter of was able to attend a presentation entitled “Future of Tagging” with Joshua Schachter creator of Delicious.  On her blog, Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media, she recants a bit of Joshua’s thinking behind tagging:

“You get more out of the system when the motivation is selfish. For example, you as an individual find a page you want to remember. You might tag it with “read_later,” so those tags work well for you, but not necessarily the social system. It doesn’t describe the content. The tags you use to describe something should be intuitive so you can recall the bookmark. You can assume, however, that someone will tag the item for how the group does it…think of tags as votes. You’re doing it for yourself, but the good of the group. Delicious is about memory first, discovery second.”

As a blog or site owner, you will be very interested in the voting mechanism of social bookmarking because that is where the traffic comes from. If a lot of people like the same piece of content and vote it up, then more people see it. If people vote it down and they don’t like it, then fewer people get to see it. The higher the votes, the more click throughs and more people there will be at your site or the site that was listed.


The very basic understanding behind social bookmarking is about people submitting a link, a small description, a few tags, and then other people getting to see those things.  The benefit, as a social media user and blog or site owner that wants to share information is that it drives lots and lots of traffic to your site if done correctly.

The way you handle yourself is a big deal in social bookmarking just as it is on social networking sites like Twitter.  Your profile, your habits and your friends all make up just how effective you will be in social bookmarking.  This is what we will go over later this week. For now, just take a look around some of the bookmarking sites and soak in what you just learned.  Check back this week for Part 2 in this series on Social Bookmarking…or better yet, sign up for email updates below and get notified when the new post goes up!

How much experience do you have with social bookmarking?  How have you used sites like Digg, Delicious, or Stumble Upon in your marketing?  Please leave a comment with your answers and feel free to add me to any of the bookmarking sites I am subscribed to using the widget in the right sidebar.  :)

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