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You Know You Are A Twitter Snob If

There’s been something eating at me lately and I’m going to just say it, because frankly…sometimes I just don’t feel like being Miss Nicey Nice. Keep Reading...

February 8, 2010   87 Comments

Twitter Proof – Staying Safe On Social Networks

You’re on Twitter and you love it.  You’ve made hundreds if not thousands of Twitter friends that are so fun and helpful.  You share all sorts of things about yourself with your friends, from what you’re cooking for dinner, your birthday, kids birthdays, where you’re going for lunch, to business information like your email, phone number, and Skype name. Keep Reading...

February 5, 2010   15 Comments

5 Secrets To Promoting Yourself Using Someone Else’s Event

How much do you love mutually beneficial arrangements?  Collaboration is a wonderful way to help yourself and your partner (in whatever form) create a larger following, build your brand awareness and draw from each other’s knowledge base. Keep Reading...

November 25, 2009   37 Comments

Virtual Event Marketing With Social Media

This week we’re continuing on with our event marketing with social media series to drive home the I promised you a series on event marketing with social media and I’ve got a great article I’m working on with tips from experts in the field.  The thing is, I really want to make it an article packed with value and it’s taking me a bit longer than I’d planned. Keep Reading...

November 17, 2009   6 Comments

Hit and Miss at Blogworld 09 – Who Rocked It & Who Dropped It

As a newcomer to Blogworld I had a few preconceived ideas of what the event might be like and what I would like to take away from the event.  I’m not totally new to live events, just new to the blogging community events.  Here’s my own rundown on what I felt was a hit or miss at Blogworld 09: Keep Reading...

October 19, 2009   10 Comments

20 Tips For Best ROI In Social Media

In Social Media the Return on Investment (ROI) is based largely on the influence you have upon your group of friends. If you’re just starting out in social media, you may not have much influence built up at all, because it all comes with trust.  You can build trust or borrow it. If you get a referral or nod from a power influencer or firestarter, you are borrowing their trust. Keep Reading...

October 7, 2009   24 Comments

Social Media Rules Of Engagement – 10 Concepts For Understanding Online Communities

The ‘rules of engagement’ of social media are somewhat vague, but pretty simple to figure out if you just apply a little bit of common sense.  Consider what an essentially normal relationship is and implement the same ideas behind them when engaging in online communities. The key thing to remember is that this is social media – people are looking online for opportunities to interact and exchange information or content with similar, like minded people. Keep Reading...

September 23, 2009   23 Comments

How To Use Twitter Chat To Establish Yourself As An Authority In Your Niche

With the fast paced and diverse messages constantly being sent over the Twitter feed how do you narrow down the conversation to discuss and focus on your niche?   The challenge is not i, n finding what is hot on Twitter right now, but in how to create a buzz around your brand or niche and position yourself as a leading authority in that trend.  By using simple #hashtags, creating live chat room events and promoting your chat you can do just that.

The chat room is your platform and soapbox, so to speak, that you will use to share your expertise in a more controlled environment.  Your goal is to the establish yourself as the Leader by providing the largest amount of relevant interaction and knowledge on the subject at hand. Much like you see top commenters on blog posts, your Twitter name will be seen as top contributor on tracking sites or Twitter search and will position you as the authority while providing name recognition.  Follow these simple steps to begin: [Read more →]

June 3, 2009   10 Comments