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Are You Telling Your Story? Your Publicity Depends On It

Everyone has a story. And when it comes right down to it publicity is all about telling your business story.  It’s also about keeping your fairytale from becoming a nightmare.  This is part two in a 3 part series on the “3 Steps To Achieve Publicity Success In Any Venture from Guest Blogger, RuthAnn Bowen, PR extraordinaire and Founder of PR firm The Bowen Agency Public Relations.  Come back tomorrow for part three!

The first installment of this blog post discussed the requirement of “Embracing Your Difference”. Here’s the second requirement:

2.  Tell Your Story

Believe it or not, we all learned back in junior high the elements for telling a story:  Who, what, where, when, why, and how.  Here’s how to use these same guidelines for business storytelling and publicity success:

1. Who

Ultimately, you are the one who can tell your story best.  If you aren’t the best storyteller find a publicist who understands brand storytelling.  Make sure whomever you hire understands your story and can partner with you to tell your business story effectively.  They should also have the same passion for telling it.

2. What

Figure out your brand message.  What do you want consumers/clients/customers to know about your product or service?  This ties into what makes you unique.  Figure it out, put it in writing and begin telling your audience.

3. Where

There are a lot of media outlets out there to promote your brand story.  Let’s split where to use your business storytelling between traditional and new or social media:

Traditional media:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines, etc.

Social media:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Your website
  • Blog
  • YouTube, etc.

Do your research.  What publications, websites, blogs, does your audience frequent?  Which reporters/journalists/bloggers cover your topic? What are people saying about your industry? Target the ones who cover your specific product or service. Join the on-line conversation.

(One caveat:  Please, don’t send out mass e-mails!  This is a huge publicity pet peeve of the media’s–and mine. Don’t send your cat food press release to the automotive reporter.  It’s not going to get covered. Period).

4. When

Timing is a key factor when working with the media.  From the time of day you call to the time of year your story runs, timing is to PR what location is to real estate.

5. How

There are specific PR tools to get your brand story out.  Coree’s article on 6 PR Tips to Writing Publicity Friendly Content provides a good go-to list to check out.  For help on putting your business story together, Engage365 has a tremendous article from Ian McGonnigal on Storytelling in Social Media and Events.

Everyone loves to hear a good story.  So tell them yours! Earning the media’s attention in the right way could be the beginning to your publicity happily ever after.

Our next post explores a surprising requirement.  Don’t miss it!

How have you used storytelling to promote your business?  Do you have your own story prepared and ready to share?  Have you ever used a third party story in your publicity campaign?  How and how well did it work for you?  Please leave us a comment below and share!

This is the second installment of “3 Steps To Achieve Publicity Success In Any Venture” by RuthAnn Bowen of The Bowen Agency Public Relations.  Ms. Bowen is a thirteen-year veteran of publicity having worked in the entertainment industry in Nashville, TN and owning her PR firm The Bowen Agency Public Relations.  Contact her with your PR question at

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