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Persistence Pays – 4 Easy Tricks To Teach Yourself Self Discipline

Why is it so darn easy to say you’re going to do something and then so difficult to follow through and actually make it happen? The key is to cultivate self-discipline and persistence however, that’s sometimes easier said than done, right?

Here are a few tips to become self-disciplined and persistent – tips to make things happen in your life!

#1 – Eliminate, or at least set aside, emotion.

Self-discipline is the ability to move forward and to take action regardless of how you feel. Let’s say you decide you want to lose weight. When you make that decision, you’re probably feeling pretty motivated and confident. You probably went so far as to formulate a plan to make it happen.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, you decide you’re going to get up every day and exercise for 30 minutes as part of your weight loss plan. That may go along just great for a couple days until one morning you wake up and,  for one reason or another, you’re not feeling so uber-motivated or even slightly positive about the thought of moving your aching butt out of that bed.

It happens to all of us and it’s completely understandable. The difference between the person with self-discipline and those without is that the person without will let their emotions affect their decisions and actions. Instead of getting up and exercising, they’ll stay in bed.

To cultivate self-discipline and persistence, set those emotions aside. Recognize them, accept them, and then move them aside and don’t let them get in the way of your goals.

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race” – Calvin Coolidge

#2  – Cultivate an appreciation and a pattern of success

It’s always easier to persevere if you’re accustomed to succeeding.  This is because your brain sets in motion certain peptides that become hardwired for success and you create habits. You are in charge of your habits of success or habits of failure.  It’s your CHOICE.

To become accustomed to succeeding, start setting little goals each day and week. Sticking with the weight loss example, because it’s so accessible, if you set a goal to lose 100 pounds that goal will seem huge and unattainable.

However, if you set a goal to lose 3 pounds, then that’s a more attainable goal. You’ll accomplish it and feel great about yourself. The next step, would to then set another attainable goal and to continue the process thus developing a pattern of success. However, even if your long-term goal is to lose weight, it’s good to cultivate this skill in all areas of your life.

Set goals for productivity, financial matters, personal habits and relationships, any area of your life where you would benefit from a pattern of success, willpower and persistence.

#3 – Make small changes

In line with setting attainable goals and developing a pattern of success, make small changes in your life towards a larger goal. For example, if you want to lose weight then one habit to change might be to drink more water. So you might want to drink one glass of water with every meal and snack.This is a small change but it makes a big difference in your life. It may offer some challenges but they’re certainly challenges you can manage, thus developing your persistence and will power with smaller, and meaningful steps.

If you’re not sure what changes to make to get started you might consider following the footsteps of a trusted mentor.  It’s always easier to have a template to follow.  It’s also a subconscious way of convincing yourself that success is possible because someone else has accomplished the goal.  Your brain uses it to eliminate the “impossibility factor”.    Remember to follow a leader.  We all know how to fail in want to follow a proven success.

#4 – Reward yourself for your accomplishments

Celebrating your successes is a great way to help you stay positive and persistent toward achieving your goals. Self-discipline and persistence aren’t something we’re all born with but it is something you can develop.  Reward yourself by buying that new laptop you’ve been drooling over or just take a day to relax and soak in the feeling of no work and all play.

What ways have you found to  keep yourself disciplined and persistent?  Have you had success in achieving a long or short term goal? Please share your  comments below.

To Your Success,

March 15, 2010   7 Comments

Turning Your Seeds of Potential Into Bumper Crops of Success

Have you ever noticed that good things always come to people who already have good things?  Success seems to chase some people and others seem to chase success.  How do you become the one that success chases? Whatever your field, wherever your dreams may lie, whomever you want to become…the seed to that success lies dormant within until you begin to nurture it.

Success is a Seed

I like to think of success as a seed. Every seed has it’s potential encapsuled within it’s own shell, if you will.  An acorn has everything it takes to become a strong oak tree in itself.  You’re not going to plant an acorn and have an avacado tree sprout from it.  That acorn knows what it is intended to be and it has all the dynamics of what it will take to become an oak tree, from the root system to the trunk, the bark, the leaves and the intricate vein system to nourish itself.  It is all self contained.

The Universe is filled with potential that is available to any and all that are willing to take hold of it.  Once you grasp the potential seed and start to focus and give thought to it, it will begin to grow.

Sprouts of Success

I remember showing my kids how to sprout seeds from a wet paper towel.  We placed the seeds on a damp paper towel and put it up on the top shelf of a kitchen cupboard.  The kids would go back and want to check it a couple times a day to see if anything was happening at first.  Then after a few days they forgot about it.  Over the next week or two I continued to make sure the towel was damp by adding a few drops of water to it and placing it back in the dark.  Did I ever doubt that those seeds would sprout?  Absolutely not, because I have done this so many times I knew what to expect…all I had to do was nourish them a bit and wait.

A couple weeks later I called the kids into the kitchen, holding the folded paper towel in my hand.  I could see on their faces that they had forgotten all about the little experiment and watched their curiosity spark back up as soon as they realized I was about to show them something.  I unfolded the towel slowly and, sure enough, the seeds had sprouted little white roots and had even started producing tiny little leaves on a couple.  The kids were thrilled and it gave me a great opportunity to teach them about sowing and reaping.

Law of Sowing and Reaping

You see, once we decided to take the seeds and DO SOMETHING with them the outcome was set in motion.  Those tiny seeds knew what they had to do and all they needed was a little nourishment.  It didn’t matter that we went about our days forgetting all about them because they had everything programmed inside them to do exactly what they were meant to do. I knew they would sprout, but it didn’t matter if I believed it or not because it’s a Universal law that a seed will produce of it’s own kind.  A law is a law.  If I drop a rock the law of gravity is going to make it fall.

So it is with the seeds of potential within you and me.  They are there waiting to be nourished and have everything it takes to produce a full and complete product of itself.  Decide what it is that you want to produce and nourish that seed by giving it thought and attention.  The more thought you put into it the more it will begin to encompass your mind…it’s all you will begin to think about.  If you decide to plant the seed of becoming an Event Planner, you will start seeing stories and opportunities pop up around you wherever you look.  That’s the law of attraction at work providing your seed the nourishment it needs to grow.

Producing Bumper Crops

When an opportunity presents itself, don’t hesitate.  Take action and seize the moment.  Be decisive and be confident.  That seed of potential you are growing knows exactly what it’s going to need to successfully produce a harvest.  You don’t need to stress out over whether you’re good enough or know enough.  Just plant the seed and continue to seize opportunities as they present themselves, because they WILL.  It’s just your job to ACT on them.

With every action your seed will grow and will eventually mature to produce the fruit you’ve been waiting for. What happens then?  Your seed produces more seed! Can you see where this is going?  Apply the same principals again and again to come up with bumper crops of success in whatever field you decide upon.

The key is to decide, focus and act.  Then let nature take it’s course.  You have the potential to become whatever you decide.  Have you decided yet?

I’d love to hear from you.  Have you seen this in action in your life?  Do you think it’s a bunch of malarkey? Leave your comments below.

To Your Success,

December 14, 2009   15 Comments

Beach Bum’s Definition of Success

One thing I’ve learned is that success is not accidental. You’re not going to accidentally accomplish your dreams. You don’t accidentally have good relationships. You won’t accidentally lose twenty pounds. You have to have a plan. If you’re going to get to the right destination, you’ve got to know where you’re going and how you are going to get there.

What is your definition of success?

If you were to get your big break and your business suddenly took off, or if you were to get that big promotion at work, would that be success to you?  How far ahead have you looked and visualized for your long term success?  Many times we tell ourselves, “if I can just get this, or just get that” , we convince ourselves once we get to that point that we have hit success for life.  While it’s great to experience big scores, it’s not the end of the game.

Beach Bum’s Definition of Success

You’ve got it all, you think.  You’re just an average guy that hooked up with the right person and have made a ton of money overnight.  You’re enjoying the good life: dining at all the best restaurants across the world, taking exotic trips, buying and spending money like it’s coming from a bottomless source, and everyone wants to be your best friend.  You are loving life!

One day you walk out of your beautiful ocean front home to the sparkling blue green waters that await you.  You hear all the sounds around you fade as you lay back in the water to relax and feel the warm sun on your skin.  You close your eyes and begin to drift with the current.  And this becomes your life.  Dreamily drifting in the sun without a care in the world.  Until one day you open your eyes and realize that the current has taken you far away from your home, your business, and your goals.

If you’ve ever been at the beach just floating in the water and relaxing, you’ll notice that after a while, the current will take you far away. That’s how it is in life, too. It’s okay to relish in those moments, but remember that life doesn’t stop moving.  If you don’t have clear-cut goals with a plan in place to accomplish those goals, you’re not going to end up at the right place. You’ll just float around in life easily distracted not knowing where you’re headed.

Success doesn’t happen on accident.

You may experience temporary success, but if you become lax in your game (or your goals and objectives), you are setting yourself up for disaster.  Your competition is right on your heels watching and waiting for their big chance too and if you’re too busy celebrating your big score that you don’t continue growing and pushing for your next success, you’ll find yourself wondering what just happened as your competition walks off with your customers.

Today, I encourage you to examine where you are in life. What is your definition of success?  What are your goals and objectives? What is your plan? Maybe your first goal needs to be to make a plan. Do some research. Talk to people who have been successful at what you are trying to do. Ask for guidance in your steps and expect to be connected with the right people.

To Your Success,

September 21, 2009   4 Comments

Shift Happens – How To Handle Crossroads In Any Woman’s Life With Confidence and Grace

On this Marketing Mindset Monday, today’s post is about change.  It’s about facing circumstances square in the eye and saying “I can handle this and I will expect success to meet me at every step“.  I suppose every one of us has experienced unexpected shifts at what seems to be the most inopportune times.  How will you handle them?

A certain woman I know is currently experiencing undue burden as her employer held pay for 5 weeks.  She’s a single mom with a deadbeat “dad”  that has never done his part to support his children.  I’ve watched her devote countless hours to her job, for many months working 14 hour days including weekends, giving all of herself to help another man  build his business as she was undervalued, passed over and overworked.  While the company flourished, the owners indulged themselves in lavish extravagances, overspending and neglecting their business until nearly at the point of insolvency.  With no money left to spend, the owners have turned back to rebuild and recently informed her they had decided her already small salary was “overpaid” and a portion of her services provided would not be paid for even though it had not been discussed.  To continue working for them she would have to accept a 75%  cut in pay with no benefits.   Knowing that this job is her only source of income to provide for her family, they have her over a barrel.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” – Mark Twain

There comes a time in every person’s life where there are tough decisions to be made.  A point where you either accept the circumstances as they are or take the responsibility to change them.  Situations like this remind me how important it is to be in business for yourself.  To be responsible for your own profit and put your hard work and sacrifices into building a lasting foundation for yourself and your family.

I love motivational quotes and have l always favored Samuel Langhorne Clemens, also known as Mark Twain for his outspoken personality on human tendencies and witty cut-to-the-chase style.   But, did you also know that Mr. Twain was a strong supporter of women and Women’s Rights?

As a matter of fact, during an address at the Washington Correspondent’s Club, the toast made by Mark Twain was:  “Woman- the pride of any profession, and the jewel of ours”. He also went on to say:

“In all relations of life, sir, it is but a just and graceful tribute to woman to say of her that she is a brick.  Wheresoever you place woman, sir – in whatever position or estate – she is an ornament to the place she occupies, and a treasure to the world.”

How long has it been since you were told you are a treasure to the world or an ornament to the place you occupy in your position?  Women in all professions have accomplished much since the days of Mark Twain, including persisting until the passing of the 19th Amendment.  And we continue to persevere  in the work place even in the face of gender pay discrimination and unscrupulous business practices.

This post is for the women that are ready to make decisions to change their lives.  I’d like to inspire you to remember who you are. You are a gift, a beautiful gift of integrity and strength…compassionate and intelligent. YOU are capable of making any change in your life that you can imagine.  But, that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.  We must build a strong network of women to support, mentor and encourage one another.    When you have your moments of weakness, I will be here to say, “you are the pride of any profession, a jewel, and you are able!”  When I am struggling with my confidence, you are here to say “Hey Coree…you are an ornament, a treasure to the world, and as strong as a brick”.

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

I am considering beginning a Mastermind Group for women looking for support and sharing ideas in marketing, new business, pr, advertising, and entrepreneurship.  If I were to do this I would hold conference calls and/or webinars once per week.  I’d like to know how many ladies out there would be interested in joining and possibly co-hosting calls with me.  Please let me know your level of interest by either commenting here or emailing me directly at Coree AT marketlikeachick DOT COM.  I look forward to hearing from each of you!

To Your Success,

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Stop Waffling! 4 Decision Making Steps That Produce Results

Are you seeing the results you would like in your business or personal life?

Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant.  ~Anthony Robbins

Results are what happens when a firm decision is made and action is taken to implement that decision.  Even though most of us already know this inside, many of us still struggle with making decisions.  A true leader can make the call on what actions need to be taken at any given moment.

So if you are a leader, what’s the fast track to better decision making?

1.  Get Clear On The Decision

That may seem pretty obvious, but a leader always enters a situation with clarity and a keen sense of the outcome they desire.  Get clear on the decision to remove the clutter that would cloud your decision making process. KNOW what you want.

2.  Do Your Homework

Do a little research to define the essential elements you will need.  You might try a simple pro vs con style sheet in those moments where you need a quick decision. For example, if you know you have a conference call where there will be some decisions made around marketing strategy,  or product or service launches, do your homework and become aware of the benefits or drawbacks beforehand.. This helps act as a reference point for decisions.

3.  Avoid The Snowball Effect

Procrastination is your enemy.  The tiniest decision that you put off today can quite easily build up (at least in your mind) from a snowball into an avalanche when you procrastinate.  Don’t let the small stuff become big stuff by procrastinating.

4.  Decide, Act and Tweak

How many times have you made the decision, acted on it and fell flat on your face (or were at least let down) from the results? NEVER consider that a failure!  You are a leader that took the steps necessary, now you pick yourself up and learn from it.  Why do you think Google launches so many Beta programs before they finally release the actual product?  Remember what your mom always used to tell you “practice makes perfect”.  I could probably write the whole article around this one principal it is so important.  Tweak your actions and try it again.  You only fail when you stop trying.

Making firm decisions is the core element that should lead you into taking actions that produce results.   Start today to begin trusting your decisions and stop second guessing yourself.  You’ll never swim to the other side if you don’t first get wet. So what do you need to do to be a better decision maker and achieve better results?

To Your Success,

August 31, 2009   2 Comments

Follow The Loser – 7 Steps To Failing In Business

We’ve all heard the game “Follow the Leader”…one person leads a line of followers behind them who all do exactly as the “leader’ at the front of the line does.  If the Leader raises their left arm, they all raise their left arm.  If the Leader skips a step and does a fancy spin, they all do the same. If you don’t do exactly as the Leader does, then you fall out of the game.  At the end of the game, the one person left that has proven he can do everything the leader can do then becomes the new leader.  It’s much like the game of life.

Our goal should be to emanate the leaders, or mentors, in our lives to become more like them.  Do what leaders do to produce the same results that leaders produce. In the same way, do what losers do and produce what losers produce.  Follow the leaders and you become leaders.  Follow the losers and youbecome losers.  Ouch…that hurts just to type it, but if we’re honest with ourselves, we know it’s true.

Want to fail in business?  Here’s a sure fire business plan for you:

  1. Spend your days procrastinating and thinking about being successful, then do nothing towards taking the required action.
  2. Allow yourselves to be distracted and quickly lose interest in your goals.
  3. Be inconsistent and unreliable.  Never worry about keeping your word or your habits in check.
  4. Devote yourself to searching for something with huge financial returns for little or no effort….Sorry, they don’t exist.
  5. Allow other people (usually friends that are not doing so well themselves) to influence their decisions, and hold you back. Remember, the sad truth is that friends love to see you doing well, but most don’t like seeing you do better than them!
  6. Convince yourself that you  do not deserve to do well.
  7. Allow the fear of failure to take hold and choke the belief in your success.

You are the master of your own destiny and you are in control of your own future.  There is a great quote that I use on all my emails, it goes like this:

“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.”~ Denis Waitley

Remember, in our game of Follow the Leader, the game requires one thing to begin: ACTION. Where are you taking action? Are your actions mimicking a leader’s traits or a loser’s? You can change today…it’s never to late for a new start.

To Your Success,

P.S. ~~> If you love self development as much as I do, I have to recommend an extraordinary teacher to you.  Jim Rohn is a true leader that has been sharing his motivational and leadership philosophies for over 39 years and has impacted the lives of such people as Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and Denis Waitley.  His website Jim Rohn International has a wealth of positive and life changing articles, audios and DVD’s.  Be sure to go check it out.

August 24, 2009   7 Comments

The Only Thing You’re Killing With Kindness Is Your Business

I love talking to people who call it like they see it. The ones that shock you with their brutally honest responses to questions you already knew the answer to but didn’t want to admit it. Boldness is sexy, and everyone knows sex sells.

Why are women attracted to the bad boys? Why do guys like the chick that is outspoken & sassy? It’s not that these type of people are really “bad” per say, but they have a certain confidence that comes through in their demeanor. They don’t really care what you think about them because there are 20 more behind you that love their attitude and are kicking down doors to be part of their clan.

How are you doing with your conversion rates? Is your blog getting the traffic you want and need? If you’re not happy with either of those answers then you need to shake things up a bit. Communication is not about saying exactly what everyone wants to hear. The most successful sales and marketing professionals know that the era of authenticity has arrived, and that means no more BS, no more sticky sweet, fake smile, lame compliments that everyone knows are ridiculous, hyped up sales pitch. These are all definite don’ts when selling if you’re to use today’s communication skills.

I ran across a great guest post by Pace Smith on Copyblogger titled “Why You’re Too Qualified and Respectful to Produce Great Content” that struck a chord with me.  Pace makes some excellent points that goes not only for writing great content but, if you are so bold, will change the way you look at marketing yourself and your business.  Example:

The only way to write powerfully is to be bold, and to write boldly you must stop qualifying yourself and being overly respectful.

No, this is not giving you permission to be a total jerk and piss everyone off.  This is about confidence, boldness, personality and fun!  It’s fun to say what you really think and people appreciate it.  Not only will they respect you for being honest but you will build that trust so that when it does come down to asking for the sale they know that you aren’t going to mislead them.

This may not be perfect algebra (ask my kids, I don’t do math) but this is a good formula to remember for your Marketing:

(Confidence + Boldness = Sex Appeal) + (Authenticity + Rapport = Trust) =   SALES CONVERSION

So, what’s your thoughts?  Share a great story of yours where you were bold and it paid off!  We want to hear from you…

To Your Success,

P.S. ~~> Watch for a new newsletter to start going out soon with more detailed tips. tutorials and special offers  that you won’t find here.  You can sign up here:

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5 Things You Don’t Have To Do To Succeed In Blogging

Do you ever feel like every time you turn around someone is telling you something else that you absolutely MUST do to be successful?  If you’re like me, the more things that get piled on, the less I want to do.  There is good news for the overwhelmed…you don’t have to do everything they tell you!

Here’s some things you DON’T have to do to succeed:

1.  You DON’T have to read every blog in your niche.

Find3 or 4 favorites, being sure to include at least one that is a completely different style writing and viewpoint than yours.  This will give you a different perspective on things when you’re not feeling creative.  It may also spark a little something in you that sets you off..and a rant is good controversy.

2.  You DON’T have to pick a blog subject no one else blogs about.

One of the first things to pick is your subject, but don’t convince yourself that it has to be an area that has no competition.  Rather, watch the competition, examine what your best competitors do and don’t do.  Once you find a certain area they may not be touching on completely, you can make that your own.  In this way you won’t be seen as competition, but an enhancement to what they do.  You may even end up in a joint venture.

3.  You DON’T have to work 10 hour days.

Remember that saying?  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  I confess I fell victim to this.  There have been weeks where I didn’t step foot out the front door for 3 consecutive days.  It takes a toll on you, your mental outlook, and your creativity. Take time to have some fun and get outdoors. Participate in real life activities and don’t allow yourself to be sucked into making your Internet social life your ONLY social life.

4.  You DON’T have to please everyone.

Everyone always has an opinion and an answer for your life and your success.  I like to imagine the motto of those mischievous penguins from the movie ‘Madagascar’ when I get unsolicited advice…“Smile and wave, boys.  Just smile and wave.” In other words, keep steppin, keep movin, and keep your eye on YOUR goal.  Trust your instincts and flow with it.  Smile as the do-gooders offer their opinions, wave, and don’t lose momentum.  That doesn’t mean you never take advice, it just means once you have a plan you owe it to yourself to work it without tweaking it everytime someone else tells you a better way.

5.  You DON’T have to do the expected.

Be unpredictable.  Be original.  Be your own unique person that can accept all your strengths and your weaknesses and love them.  When someone once told me I thought I was perfect, I replied, “No, I know I have imperfections.  But, that’s what makes me so special!”.  You are exactly who you are meant to be at this moment in time.  You will change a little everyday, but enjoy who you are right now and let it shine through in your writing.

    Can you think of any other things you can take off your list?  Share them in the comments below.

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    To Your Success,

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