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Marketing, Social Media & Personal Branding -Top 10 Posts from Market Like A Chick

I’ve put together what I feel are 10 of the most popular posts (or ones that may have been missed) from the last few months of Market Like A Chick.  You’ll find tips and feelings on Marketing, Social Media and Personal Branding.  Take a few minutes to check some of these out…and please be sure to bookmark for later reference. Keep Reading...

August 12, 2009   3 Comments

4 Tips to Regain Lost Marketing Momentum During Life Challenges

This is a test.  A test of my character, my strength, and my tenacity.

These are the words I spoke to myself while making an unexpected drive to California to pick up my three children from an early end to their “vacation”.

Have you ever been through an experience that left you so drained that you question how you will ever get back on track?  You know you need to keep your business or blog running but your every thought is on the personal challenges and emotions pulling for attention.  With every pull you feel less inclined to focus on your marketing and before you know it days, weeks or even months slip by.

4 Tips to Regain Lost Marketing Momentum: [

June 24, 2009   3 Comments

Confessions Of A Multitasker And 10 Steps To Recovery

Yes, I admit it. I am an admitted doer-of-14-things-at-once addict. I text, put make up on, and drive at the same time. I read email, schedule conference calls and check Twitter while Googling potential keynote speakers and training subjects in one swoop. I help one kid with homework while scolding another for forgetting his at school, chat with my daughter on the phone, and run the puppy out of the kitchen all while preparing dinner. Is this normal? Keep Reading...

May 2, 2009   13 Comments