Marketing, Social Media & Personal Branding -Top 10 Posts from Market Like A Chick


I’ve put together what I feel are 10 of the most popular posts (or ones that may have been missed) from the last few months of Market Like A Chick. You’ll find tips and feelings on Marketing, Social Media and Personal Branding. Take a few minutes to check some of these out…and please be sure to bookmark for later reference.

4 Tips to Regain Lost Marketing Momentum During Life Challenges


Have you ever been through an experience that left you so drained that you question how you will ever get back on track? With every pull you feel less inclined to focus on your marketing and before you know it days, weeks or even months slip by. 4 Tips to Regain Lost Marketing Momentum

Confessions Of A Multitasker And 10 Steps To Recovery

We are the masters of multi-tasking. Truth be told, you can’t live in this day and age without having some multitasking skills. But, by constantly multitasking we are cheating ourselves, our kids, and our performance. Here are ten important tips to get a better handle on your work and focus to improve productivity.