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5 Minutes To Build Your Own Blog Community

As I was browsing the blogosphere over the last couple months I kept seeing this nifty gadget at the bottom of certain blogs and instantly wanted one.   I love being one of the first ones to try out a new gadget and plugins are my favorite!

I am always looking for new ways to help build and engage in my own blog community, so when I found I was pretty excited.  Simple to install, it took me less than 5 minutes to get going.

So, what exactly is Wibiya?  It is a customizable social toolbar that pulls together applications, widgets and services for you to utilize on your blog or website.  Using Facebook connect you can build your own community right on your blog, or use Twitter to allow your readers to tweet without leaving your site.  These are excellent ways to have your readers stay a little longer on your blog.

Up until very recently Wibiya was by invite only, but they have opened the floodgates and everyone is invited now.

Social and Communication Features

Twitter -With the Twitter Dashboard, your visitors can tweet your blog pages or posts, see who else has tweeted about that same page or post, search Twitter, view trending topics and see YOUR recent tweets and Twitter profile.  With the Twitter Profile app readers can even browse other reader’s full Twitter profiles without ever leaving your site!

Facebook – Show off your Facebook fan page and build your Facebook community on your own blog with one click.  Your community members can also talk to each other by posting comments in the shoutbox on your blog and even update their status without leaving.

Share - Enables your visitors to share, save and distribute your content through their favorite social network, bookmarking site, or email.  Much like Sociable or ShareThis, but – again – all without leaving your blog.

Chat – This is something I’m pretty interested in.  I can see great possibilities here.  The built in TinyChat allows instant messaging with video and audio options as well as desktop sharing!    What I would be interested to see is if a complete webinar couldn’t be handled right from your blog, all while increasing time spent on your site rather than sending everyone to a third party application offsite. Hmmm…

Features To Increase Page Views

Search - Why send your readers off to Google to do a search when you can keep them there?  Decide how to display search results (overlay, new window, etc) from the search box that is always visible and available.

iTranslate –  Readers can choose from 45 different languages to have your page translated with one click…no page reload!   Now your blog easily is more accessible worldwide.

Latest and Random Posts – Sure, you have your latest posts elsewhere on your blog, but this is about convenience and keeping your content available wherever your reader is at.  Another feature is the Random Posts that can pull some of your posts out of the hat that you may have even forgot about, keeping your readers engaged and looking around your site.

Navigation Lists – Have certain pages you’d like to see visited more often? Since I’m looking for more women entrepreneurs to be featured on my blog I included my Be Featured page.  I also have advertising space available so I made sure to add my Advertise page as well.

Live Notification – Did you notice the little lightbox in the bottom right corner when my blog loaded?  You can set that little puppy up with updates, news, or timely messages such as an offer about to expire. It only loads on the first page visited so your readers won’t be bombarded with every other page visit as they’re browsing around.

Real Time Users – You can track your real-time visitors from your Wibiya toolbar using  Who’  When a user launches the app it will show the three most popular pages at that moment according to the number of users viewing them and a live dynamic map that pinpoints the Geolocation of every user.

Features To Increase Time On Site

All of the features above will add time on your site, but how about adding some playful gadgets like a Photo Gallery or Games?  Use your Flickr account to show off  your own 3D Wall.  Or, you could even use the Games app to allow your readers to play hooky from work with over 11k games available. (Think Facebook’s Bejeweled).


Make your toolbar match your color scheme with several templates available and just one click.  You pick which apps you want or don’t want, rearrange the buttons the way you like them, and even upload your logo to continue the branding on your page, and check your stats all from your Wibiya dashboard.

Wibiya Installs On Several Platforms

It literally took me 5 minutes to install the toolbar on my WordPress blog and have all the features running.  The best thing about it is that there is no code to figure out, no .htaccess maneuvering, no hard stuff at all.  If you can install a WordPress plugin and copy/paste a 5 digit passcode, you’re golden!  Wibiya works with all the popular platforms:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Ning
  • Typepad
  • Standard Websites

Stats and Tracking

Wibiya gives you a full tracking and management system for each application and effectiveness. From your dashboard you can see:

  • Number of Tweets Read
  • Facebook Fan Page Views
  • Posts Shared on Social Networks
  • Number of Real Time Users
  • Number of Website Chat Users
  • Website Searches
  • Translated Posts
  • Latest Posts Read
  • Random Posts Read
  • Live Notifications
  • Page Views Generated
  • Subscribed to RSS Feed

Make Friends On Market Like A Chick

When you’re here, be sure to check the Wibiya toolbar to see who else is hangin’ out and feel free to start chatting it up!  Play around with the features and see if you can find anything cool I may have missed.  I bet I have!

I love the idea of the social toolbar, but it’s only effective if it’s used.  I’ll be checking back here a few times a day to see if I can catch any of you live and start a real time conversation.  Use the toolbar to join my community on Twitter.  That’s where I am most active, but I also have a Facebook Fan Page in the works…more details to follow.

Want one for your blog?  All you have to do is head over to and get started.  Then come back here and tell us you have your toolbar installed so we can visit you too!

So, what do you think of this new gadget? Do you already have a social toolbar? Have your readers made use of it?  Has it benefited your community?  Leave us all the details in the comments below!

When a user launches the app it will show the three most popular pages at that moment according to the number of users viewing them and a live dynamic map that pinpoints the Geolocation of every user.

To Your Success,

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