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Need Startup Help? Listen To Your Fairy Godmother

Do wonderful things only happen to you in fairy tales? Not this time.

Do you have a startup dream?  Starting your own business can be so overwhelming and confusing. Get some one on one time with a REAL Fairy Godmother at The Startup Princess Annual Conference, Touchpoint Sept 11th, 2009 Salt Lake City, Utah! (WAIT!! Don’t sign up yet…scroll down for money saving coupon!!)

Do you ask yourself any of these questions:

  • I want to be my own boss, but where do I begin?
  • I have so many ideas for a new business, but which one is the right one for me?
  • How  do I negotiate the best prices for website design, SEO, or other services?
  • But, I have a family!  How do I balance parenting and business effectively?
  • Do I need to form a corporation, LLC, stay sole proprietor?  What’s the difference?

Kelly King Anderson, founder of Startup Princess, has organized a nationally recognized event for women entrepreneurs with top quality experts (Fairy Godmothers) to teach, counsel and support you in your business dream.  This will be no boring event, but an absolutely life changing chance to learn, network and have a ball with your peers and mentors!

Check this out!

Keynote Speakers & Workshops!! There will be several breakout sessions..check out just a few of the choices:

  • Karmel Larsen, Mrs. Utah United States 2009, Small Business Owner - Discovering and Living Your Life Purpose in Business
  • Ghennipher Weeks, Web and Social Media Consultant - Understanding Web Analytics
  • Heather Bailey, Designer – Developing Products That Sell
  • Carol Rice, Co-Founder of CherishBound – The Power of Negotiation
  • Saren Eyre Loosli, Power of, Author – Striving for Balance in Family and Business


  • Video Marketing Competition – you’re invited to enter and compete to win great prizes..but HURRY, this ends Aug. 30th!!  The Winner will receive a FLIP video camera worth $240 and more! The 5 Finalists will all receive a 1 yr subscription for Mozy back up and a Free Touchpoint Ticket.

There is so much to do and learn I can’t list it all here, but you can be sure your day as a Startup Princess will be the first of many!

Save $10 On Registration

And don’t forget the best part, Kelly has given all the readers of Market Like A Chick a special discount!!   If you use the special code just for my readers, you receive $10 off the already tiny registration fee!  Follow these simple steps to attend YOUR day with top experts & peers:

  1. Register for Touchpoint
  2. Enter Coupon Code:  marketlikeachick
  3. Have a magical and wonderful time being inspired with your Fairy Godmothers

To Your Success,

PS ~~> Leave a comment below if you enter the Video Marketing Competition so we can watch & hopefully help you WIN!!  Be sure to leave the link to your video entry.  For those of you not so brave or technically inclined, be sure to use the coupon code “marketlikeachick” to save $10!!

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Tribe Loyalty – Supporting Women Owned Businesses

Yes, it’s true.  Women are notorious for sharing in a little behind the scenes gossip, launching a few catty remarks at each other, and even being a little devious at times.  Not that men aren’t…it’s just that chicks are better at it because we make it more interesting.  But, even when we are at the peak of our emotional trashing we have this weird bond.  Women can talk all they want about each other, get our panties all in an uproar, and still vehemently defend our sisters should we find that anyone from the outside is not supporting our tribe.

What does this mean to business and marketing to women?  Let’s look at a few statistics and maybe you’ll catch where I’m going with this:

According to the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, when women are aware you support women owned businesses:

  • 79% would try your product or service
  • 80% would solidify their brand loyalty
  • 51% would give a company a second chance if a product or service missed the mark the first time

So, yes we do support our tribe.  Maybe it’s because of the fight women have had to take on to finally make our voices heard and respected.  The uphill battle to equality has been nearly accomplished and women are vigilant to make sure we never go backwards.  We have demanded that we be treated equally in business and have proven that our opinions not only matter but affect market trends in a huge way.

Now, right here let me just say…I do not consider myself a big feminist, I don’t go to protests, I don’t participate in lobbying…HOWEVER,  I am a very big advocate for mutual respect whether it be to female, male, child, race, or whatever.  I believe in equality.  Most women that I know are right about at the same place.  We don’t wave a femi-nazi flag shouting injustice.  However, we do support our tribe.

So, you’re thinking…Ok, Coree, so women support each other but there is a great big world of other consumers out there that are also making purchases.  What makes you think that I should care about just one target market?  Hmmm…good question.  Check out a few more statistics:

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care:

  • 91% of New Homes
  • 66% PCs
  • 92% Vacations
  • 80% Healthcare
  • 65% New Cars
  • 89% Bank Accounts
  • 93% Food
  • 93 % OTC Pharmaceuticals

American women spend about $5 trillion annually… Over half the U.S. GDP

Women make more than 80% of all consumer purchasing decisions.  Consulting firm A.T. Kearney estimates that women determine 80% of consumption, purchase 60% of all cars and own 40% of all stocks (Trendwatching, August 2007)

These are just a few facts that were shared at the Marketing To Women Conference.  You can check out more facts there that may help krazy glue this to your brain:  The female tribe is one to be reckoned with.   Or as I like to say, “Chicks Rule!”

How do you feel about tribe loyalty?  Do you tend to give a brand or company more of your business when you know they support women owned businesses?  As always, thanks for taking the time to read & comment!

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care:

~ 91% of New Homes
~ 66% PCs
~ 92% Vacations
~ 80% Healthcare
~ 65% New Cars
~ 89% Bank Accounts
~ 93% Food
~ 93 % OTC Pharmaceuticals

To Your Success,

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Women’s Wildfire Rally 2009 With Carrie Wilkerson

I wanted you to hear this straight from me…I’m excited about this Women’s Virtual event that I’m telling everyone! Carrie Wilkerson (also known as The Barefoot Executive) has brought together 25 amazing women in business to RALLY for CHANGE!!  (no, this is NOT the same type of virtual event you’ve participated in before!!)

There are no long, flowery introductions….Carrie didn’t allow time for audience Q&A….No one is selling anything on their calls (no irresistible offers)….No one interviews QUITE like Carrie does!  ;-)….She gave every guest about 15 minutes to SPILL their secrets!!  (that was NOT a typo – these are SPEED interviews – power-packed and moving at a quick pace)


Because you are BUSY!

Because you are tired of what doesn’t work.

Because you don’t want to be ‘sold to’ from every speaker Because ENOUGH is ENOUGH and you are TIRED of things NOT changing in your business.

Sooooo…I invite you to attend the Women’s Wildfire Rally 2009 with me and the Association of Work At Home Moms.  I’m proud to be a member and look forward to the discussion on the forums, the special articles written just for us by the experts, and the friendships I am making with other women like me.

You will have to SEE the lineup of speakers to believe it – go see the schedule and All-Star Guest List!   Need inspiration?

She has an incredible video (seriously, straight from her heart) at Watch The More Movie — and she says it best…but in a nutshell — if you are READY for your business, your finances, your LIFE to change, then YOU have to stand up against mediocrity. You have to shout out that ENOUGH is enough!

Think of these things:  Sit-ins…Boycotts…Hands Across America…even the Million Man March – these were intense times when those that participated were lobbying for change…demanding a difference!

This will be a similar rally — the Women’s Wildfire Rally 2009 — for Women willing to learn from leaders who are NOT AFRAID of changing their income, their lifestyle, their future and their WORLD!

Are you one of these women?  I am…come join me!

Are you ready to RALLY?

Then join us at The Women’s Wildfire Rally 2009!

There is ZERO COST — in other words, FREE

You can get all the details here -and I urge you to go NOW. Carrie always throws a great ‘party’ and I CANNOT imagine her energy & experience PLUS that of the guests she’s featured.  I’m excited already!  We have needed this.

Go check it out and register for the FREE Women’s Wildfire Rally!

What have you got to lose??

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8 Steps to Build an Internet Business That Will Last

Guest Post by Janet Beckers:

As the founder and host of Wonderful Web Women I am lucky to lead an on-line community of thousands of women (and enlightened women) from around the world who are all passionate about creating success on the Internet.

One of the biggest frustrations they share with me, is knowing where to start. There are so many options that it can all be overwhelming.

Here’s my quick start guide for you. [

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Write A Guest Post For Market Like A Chick

One of the best ways to promote your brand is to build links to your site and drive traffic to your blog is to guest post on other blogs.  So, here is your chance to do that and to show your expertise in marketing to/for women!

For the next few weeks my schedule is tight, to say the least, and the last thing I want to do is neglect providing quality (and fun) content for my readers.  So, I would like to feature some high quality posts from Market Like A Chick readers like yourself.

For each article published you’ll receive a byline with dofollow links back to your blog, Twitter, or website. [Read more →]

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How To Link Your Blog To Your Facebook Profile With Notes

Using your blog as your hub is part of a smart and strategic social media marketing plan. I have found that Facebook offers the greatest linking capabilities so far.  Not only can you link your blog in via the Notes Application, but I also use the Facebook Networked Blogs that gives added exposure.

I know there are female ‘tech geeks” out there, but I am not one of them!  It takes me a little longer to understand how to do these things than most so I’d like to make it easier for other women if at all possible.

I’ve tried to take the steps to add Notes and link your blog in simple language that my female powered brain needs to understand.  Hopefully, other women marketers will be able to understand how simple it is to link your blog to your Facebook profile using the Notes application from these easy steps: [Read more →]

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