20 Best Marketing and Social Media Blogs by Women

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Over the last year I have learned a great deal from women in the field of marketing, social media, branding and enterpreneurship. While there are many female thought leaders in the marketing industry that I may have missed, this list contains the women that have made a difference in my life, my viewpoint, and continue to lead the way for women in business.

What’s In It For You? Your Opinions Matter


In an effort to keep improving the blog and making it more effective in helping you, I’d like to know what Market Like A Chick means to you. What do you come here for and what would you like to expect to see when you get here?

Shift Happens – How To Handle Crossroads In Any Woman’s Life With Confidence and Grace


On this Marketing Mindset Monday, today’s post is about change. It’s about facing circumstances square in the eye and saying “I can handle this and I will expect success to meet me at every step”. I suppose every one of us has experienced unexpected shifts at what seems to be the most inopportune times. How will you handle them?

Need Startup Help? Listen To Your Fairy Godmother

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Do you have a startup dream? Starting your own business can be so overwhelming and confusing. Get some one on one time with a REAL Fairy Godmother at The Startup Princess Annual Conference, Touchpoint

Tribe Loyalty – Supporting Women Owned Businesses

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Women can talk all they want about each other, get our panties all in an uproar, and still vehemently defend our sisters should we find that anyone from the outside is not supporting our tribe. What does this mean to business?

Marketing, Social Media & Personal Branding -Top 10 Posts from Market Like A Chick


I’ve put together what I feel are 10 of the most popular posts (or ones that may have been missed) from the last few months of Market Like A Chick. You’ll find tips and feelings on Marketing, Social Media and Personal Branding. Take a few minutes to check some of these out…and please be sure to bookmark for later reference.

Women’s Wildfire Rally 2009 With Carrie Wilkerson


I’m excited about this Women’s Virtual event that I’m telling everyone! Carrie Wilkerson (also known as The Barefoot Executive) has brought together 25 amazing women in business to RALLY for CHANGE!!

8 Steps to Build an Internet Business That Will Last

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I am lucky to lead an on-line community of thousands of women (and enlightened women) from around the world who are all passionate about creating success on the Internet.
One of the biggest frustrations they share with me, is knowing where to start. There are so many options that it can all be overwhelming.