Top Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media To Market Your Event

Event planners are quickly learning the value of marketing with social media to attract more attendees to their conferences.  All events need one thing to be successful: people.  The worst nightmare of any Event Planner is to devote heart and soul into organizing a networking event only to have no bodies in the seats (virtual or not).

If you’re not convinced social media will impact your event, take a look a few reasons WHY you might want to look closer:

Create Buzz– Using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook  encourages word of mouth recommendations across several niche markets. The more people talking about an event the bigger the buzz & chance of going viral.

Boost Registration Numbers –Face it, they won’t register if they don’t know about the event.  The buzz created entices and gives feeling of “me too”. People want to be a part of what everyone else is talking about.

Community –Events are about networking just as much as the education is.  In fact, in some cases the networking opportunity is THE main reason for attending an event.  Using social media & hashtags allows attendees to find & follow some new collegues and foster relationships.  If it’s a large event, Twitter has been great in helping keep track of which sessions all your friends are in & share what they are learning in real time.

Attract Sponsors and/or Exhibitors –Sponsors want to get in front of people in every form of media as possible.  You can add value to your sponsorship package by including sponsored tweets or blog posts.  Some of the exhibitors, such as FatBurger or Ford had as much social media exposure at BlogWorld as the keynote speakers.

Create Relevant Content – Follow the Twitter conversations going on about your event and create content around some of the most talked about comments.  You can get some great ideas for blog posts and articles from what is being discussed and people are finding relevant.

Feedback – Every event could stand improvement, and what better place to find what’s working and not working than from those experiencing the event for themselves?  Using social media for brand reputation is a key tool to a getting an outside glimpse into what people are thinking of the event.  Be sure to respond to comments and kudos.  Your community is talking about you…know show them you care and you are listening.

If you find that you don’t have time to follow through on marketing your event with social media, then look into hiring a moderator or community manager for your event.  You will want someone that is going to not only publicize the fact that you’re having an event but also send out updates on new speakers and seminar subjects, but also provide “power tips” from quotes during the live event, as well as respond quickly to feedback.

Shameless self promotion: I am available to moderate and take on the role as Community Event Manager.  My role for the last 3 years has been moderating large teleconference training calls and webinars as well as leading the community for a well known Internet network marketing business opportunity. If you would like more information you can reach me via my contact page or leave me a comment here. :)

UPDATE: Chris Brogan, a top expert on communities and social media, recently published his own article on how events can use social media. Chris touched on some the same points here and also shared how events can use video production not only for pre-event promotion but also as post-event DVD sales.  There are more and more ways to become creative using social media in event marketing.  A basic premise that both Chris and I share is when building a community it’s how important it is to stay engaged and keep the excitement going around the event.   Chris put it this way:

Here’s the thing about communities, bottom line: if you’re going to build one, realize that you need a community manager capable of making content, capable of keeping the “cocktail party environment” going on the site, and capable of understanding potential business introductions of value that would give all involved some yield for being there.

Now you know a few reasons why you would want to use social media to market your events.  Next week I’ll continue on with this series and talk about how to make your events social media friendly and the how & why attendees can use social media to their benefit.

Have some other reasons why an event would want to use social media in their marketing?  Disagree with any of the reasons I’ve given?  Leave your feedback in the comments. I love to hear from you!

What say ye??

To Your Success,

P.S. ~~> Just in case you missed it:  Publicizing, building value, involving the community, and moderating feedback for an event can be a full time job.  If you are looking for relief and need someone experienced, contact me or leave a comment here.  I’m pimping my services out for you. 😉


  1. wchingya says

    I can't seem to find anything to disagree with, Coree. ^^ Truth is, I'm just as fascinated about social media and the power it possesses to reach out. Personally, I value marketing as in blogging we apply similar strategies — publicity and relationship building. For both, social media is perfect for the job. I don't see why an event should neglect the use of social media, especially if they hope to make it known and even at times, shameless self promo with etiquette.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  2. peggyduncan says

    Coree, free does it for me and the viral aspect. Promoting one event is so doable, and I have a spreadsheet with all the sites I can promote my workshops. But doing this for multiple classes, multiple dates, and multiple faculty has me throwing up my hands and avoiding it. I suppose I should post everywhere for at least 3 months to see where my traffic comes from, but it's a tedious process and I'm not feeling it.

  3. Coree says

    The truth is, people are sick and tired of being interrupted with traditional outbound marketing messages and have really become quite good at blocking those type of marketing efforts out. Traditional marketers need to change the way they think abour marketing from the ground up because people are now gathering their information from the Internet and the blogosphere on their own terms.

    Word of mouth, influence and trusted referrals from friends have always gone much further than outbound marketing but in this social age with all the connectivity consumers have at their fingertips, the power truly does lie in their hands. Events are no exception. Just take a look at Obama's success and you'll see how effective word of mouth can be to stir up excitement and a sense of community!

    Thanks for stopping by…hope to hear lots more from you!! :)

  4. Coree says

    Hi Peggy,
    I agree, the “free” aspect is just so exciting to me because marketing success no longer is controlled by the one with the deepest pockets. Social media is the new sweat equity in building a brand name. It only takes one or two top influencers (or fire starters) to cause an event to go viral.

    You are probably one of the most organized ladies I know and a master at priority management, so my suggestion would be to delegate this priority out. When a speaker has gained the success, as you have, where they're juggling several sessions, dates & speakers for their events, this is really the time to think about delegating some of the social tasks out to an experienced Community Event Manager. It's not only to give the event a better chance of going viral, but also attracts more/better sponsors and qualified keynote speakers when they know the event is being publicized. A spreadsheet with all the dates, times, speakers (including Twitter handles) could be given to the Manager to spread the word, follow and respond to feedback, and track results.

    You'd be surprised how creative you can get with your social ideas when you know you don't have that nagging thought in the back of your mind telling you that you just don't have the time. Creativity is sometimes choked when feeling overwhelmed.

    I'm so glad to hear things are going great for you!

  5. peggyduncan says

    Coree, thanks for the comment. I've considered using a virtual assistant and am still looking for someone with the right combination of skills that I also feel comfortable enough to give my passwords to. If I were having a major event, I'd definitely use someone on your level. Check out my list of classes. Wouldn't this drive you insane promoting all this? It makes me ill just thinking about it. … and I'm always adding new dates.

    Can you send me a private email with your fees to do something like this. I'm tweaking my 2010 marketing budget soon. Thanks. Email is training and my full name dot com

  6. Coree says

    My goodness! That is some impressive schedule of classes. I would expect nothing less from you. :) Do you do all your own scheduling and creating of sessions at this point?

    There really is that trust issue when it comes to having a 3rd party involved with your updates. This is a good example of how social media should work. If I had come out here trying to sell, sell, sell when I first created my blog, I know for sure that I would never have gained the trust of the true professional crowd.

    I'd be thrilled to work with you on some of your projects! Thanks for considering me worthy. Will be sending a rate sheet this week for you to hang on to.

  7. peggyduncan says

    Hi Coree, yes, I handle all of my scheduling and creation of sessions (the ones I teach). That's super easy on Eventbrite because I just copy an event and change the date. It's the tedious process of adding events to all the different Websites that I avoid. That is the only thing I need to outsource right now.

    Look forward to receiving your info.


    Peggy Duncan, Personal Productivity Expert
    404-492-8197, Atlanta GA (best number to call) – My Main Website – Public Training – My Award-Winning Technology Blog – Follow Me

    Please do not add my name to your distribution list
    for jokes, prayers, thoughts for the day, or
    chain letters. Thanks.

  8. @mmangen says

    Coree – great blog post – another great, inexpensive way to advertise events online is with Eventbrite.

  9. Ginaschreck (Gina Schreck) says

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    RT @MarketLikeAChik: Top Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media To Market Your Event [link to post] #eventprofs #socialmedia

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    RT @MarketLikeAChik Why social media marketin & #events make sense [link to post] #eventprofs #socialmedia

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