Top Women Breaking Internet Glass Ceilings

Glass Ceiling

Recently my friend, Michael Dunlop of Income Diary, posted his list of the 30 Top Female Internet Entrepreneurs.  The list is not organized in any certain order, such as most money made, longest in business, youngest female, etc.  But, rather, is in alphabetical order.  I have to respect Michael for that because he knows that as women, we don’t base the measure of our success on money, power or seniority alone.

Success can mean so many things and I suppose everyone holds a different perspective of what true success is.  To me, true success is working on something I enjoy, something that brings a sense of fulfillment and peace, and provides financial freedom with it.

What is your idea of success?  I find it interesting to hear different perspectives. If you find yourself thinking, “oh, yeah…that’s good!  Why didn’t I say that?” or “that is so lame, how can anyone call that real success?”, we must remember that we are creating our own unique life experiences based on our own likes, dislikes, and experience in this world.  There is no right or wrong, really.  It’s just personal preference.

Below is the list of the Top Female Internet Entrepreneurs.  Be sure to visit Income Diary to see the original post, and to check out the great interviews with other top entrepreneurs that are always being updated. Can you see yourself achieving the same levels of success?  If not, why not?  If so, when?  Let this list inspire and motivate as we realize that women all over the world are breaking through fabricated Internet ceilings.  Ceilings exist only as long as we believe they do.  You can do and be all that you dream you can be!!

Congratulations to these ladies and best wishes for continued success:

30 Female Entrepreneurs Making Money Online

Name Company Founded Why She Matters
Amanda Marcotte

Pandagon 26-Nov-01 Amanda runs one of the most talked about feminism and politics blogs. Marcotte shot to fame when John Edwards asked her to run the presedential blog.
Ariana Huffington

Huffington Post 09-May-05
Is perhaps one of the most successful female Internet entrepreneurs ever and is the founder of the top blog in the world according to Technorati!
Ashley Qualls

What Ever Life 2004 Attracting millions of monthly visitors earning the 18 year old 7 figures a year.
Barbara Feldman 29-Jun-05
Founder of Surfnetkids, the website attracts more than 600,000 visitors a month, her newsletter lists are over 80,000 strong, and her self-published e-books are sold on dozens of sites.
Carrie Wilkerson

The Bare foot Executive 2007
In 2 years Carrie has gone from in debt to 7 figure Internet entrepreneur with over 100,000 followers!
Caterina Fake

Flickr 26-Jun-05
Caterina co-founded Flickr with Stewart Butterfield which was later acquired by Yahoo! for a high 8 figure deal.
Catherine Cook 27-Jun-05
Start 4 years ago when she was 15, MyYearBook has grown to 3 million members worldwide and rakes in annual sales in the seven figures!
Cyan Ta’eed

Eden Creative 2006 Ta’eed is the co-founder of Eden Creative Communities which attracts over 10 million visitors to their blog network every month earning her 7 figures a year.
Eileen Gittins

Blurb 26-Jun-05
Elieen is the co-founder and CEO of Blurb, a print on demand publishing service. The company’s revenue grew from $1 million to $30 million in two years.
Elaine Wherry

Meebo 01-Sep-05 Elaine co-founded Meebo, a instant messaging service you use in your browser. Meebo attracts 40,000,000 monthly users.
Erin Jansen 21-Jun-05
Founder of an Award-Winning Web Site since 1994, Erin is a Internet entrepreneur veteran.
Gina Bianchini

Ning 01-Oct-05
Gina is the Co-founder and CEO of Ning. There are 1,000,000 social networks on the Ning Platform, growing at a rate of almost 4,000 new social networks each day.
Gina Trapani

Lifehacker 01-Jan-05 Gina Trapani is a technology blogger, book author, and programmer. The founding editor of, a daily weblog on software and personal productivity, Gina authored a book based on the web site which is in its second edition: Upgrade Your Life: The Lifehacker Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, Better!
Heather Armstrong

Dooce 01-Feb-01
One of the biggest mommy blogger’s out there attracting millions of readers to her blog and has recently passed 500,000 Twitter followers.
Juliette Brindak

Miss O and Friends 22-Jun-05
Juliette came up with the idea for Miss O and Friends at just 10 years old, now 19 her business is worth over $15 Million and is visited by millions of girls every month.
Justine Ezarik

iJustine 27-Jun-05
It all started with a 300 page iPhone bill, now she is a social media rock star with millions of YouTube views and over 500,000 twitter followers!
Kim Polese

SpikeSource 25-Jun-05 Kim Karin Polese is CEO of SpikeSource, and was one of the most prominent Silicon Valley executives during the dot-com era. In 1997, she made Time Magazine’s list of “The 25 Most Influential Americans”.
Lisa Stone

Blog Her 01-Feb-05
Lisa is the founder of BlogHer which reaches more than 14 million women monthly through its conferences, Internet site and publishing networks.
Lisa Sugar

Pop Sugar April 2006 Lisa’s blog network is funded by Sequoia – the guys who funded Google and Youtube. Now one of the biggest celeb blogs on the net, Lisa sure is a top female blogger!
Louise Wannier

MyShape 26-Jun-05
Louise runs an online women’s apparel retailer that finds clothing for women based on their physical measurements and style and fit preferences
Maria Andros

Social Media Traffic Blueprint
Maria helps people create a buzz with social media. Recently she took 100 people into her mentoring program for $2500 each.
Meg Frost

Cute Overload 2005 Although she hasn’t got a pet herself, attracts 100,000s of visitors daily to her cute animal blog.
Meg Hourihan 21-Jun-05
Meg Hourihan is the cofounder of Pyra Labs, the company that launched the Blogger personal blogging software that was acquired by Google for for a 8 figure deal.
Mena Trott

Six Apart 23-Jun-05
Mena is a co-founder of Six Apart, creator of Movable Type and TypePad.
Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin June 2004 Michelle blogs about news and politics which attracts nearly 200,000 visitors a day to her site.
Penelope Trunk

Brazen Careerist March 2006 With multiple start-ups and over 30,000 RSS readers on her personal blog, Penelope is one female to follow.
Nancy J Price

she knows 1999
Nancy co-founded SheKnows which attracts 7.5 Million Monthly Unique Visitors and 76 Million Monthly Page Views!
Natalie Massenet

Net-A-Porter 22-Jun-05
Eight years ago she’d never even been on the internet. This year Natalie Massenet turned over £37 million with Net-a-Porter, the fashion website that has become a global phenomenon.
Rachna Kingston

Entheos 30-May-08
Is a pregnant work at home mum who runs a web design resource website that attracts over a million visitors a month!
Xeni Jardin

Boing Boing 22-Jun-05 Xeni is the editor of one of the top 5 blogs in the world, Boing Boing.

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  1. marsha epstein says

    This baby boomer is inspired and will set the bar higher. My feminist heart loves these powerful sisters.

    marsha epstein’s last blog post..Car Seat Safety- by Tonya Sakowicz

  2. Karen Porter says

    Your blog post and reference to this incredible list of inspiring women is wonderful. Appreciated your thoughts on “success.” To me, success is doing something you are passionate about and being able to earn enough doing it that you don’t have to distract yourself with “other things” to pay the bills. And preferably, to become financially free doing so. Thanks for providing the inspiration to make sure that happens!

    • Coree says

      @marsha: I agree, these ladies are an inspiration to raise the bar! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to keep us posted on your success!

      @Karen: Sounds like we see success in much the same way. In my opinion, the old adage “follow your bliss” is really what we are meant to do and is the only way to find success and happiness. I hope you will come back often so we can inspire each other!! To your success! :)

  3. Sarah Stone says

    Hi Coree,

    I think we all know that money in itself doesn’t buy happiness, that you can be a staggeringly rich person…and not have happiness.

    So yes I wholeheartedly agree with your blog, it’s about personal fulfillment, being satisfied with your lot in life, be that as a nurse helping people feel better, as a preacher showing people what you believe to be the way or as an entrepreneur striving for the top – wherever that is for you, as long as you’ve got a clean conscience, feel loved and accepted (even if only by yourself), and enough money to not need to worry about it, then the world’s your oyster.

    I’m there on all of them except the money one lol! 😉 But I ‘know’ I’m on the right track: I’m motivated, pro-active, learning regularly, regularly checking I’ve got the wife/mother/home/earner balance right, being myself and believe that this ‘Me’ is a fabulous person to be – as a 16 year old I would never have said that (I was painfully shy, terribly unconfident, a self harmer and a gothic) – as a 36 yr old (yeah I’m not embarrassed either ;)) I’m loving life because I’m free! :)